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Are Gold Chains Heavy or Light?

Are gold chains heavy or light? This question has been the source of much debate within the business world for years. From financial advisers who argue about the price of gold to luxury retailers insisting on certain styles, there are many sides to this complex yet interesting topic. But regardless of what your beliefs are regarding which type is heavier or lighter, one thing remains true: Wearing a quality gold chain can make a statement like no other accessory out there!

If you're looking to add some extra sparkle to your wardrobe while remaining fashionable and professional at all times — Investing in a high-quality gold chain could be just what you need. In this blog post, we'll dive into the details around this classic piece of jewelry so that you can decide whether investing in a set is right for you!

All About Gold

Gold is categorized as a heavy metal despite its softness and malleability since each of its atoms is heavy on its own. However, it differs from other heavy metals in that it doesn't have the same brittleness. Owing to the strong bonds between its atoms, tungsten is about as dense but far more brittle. When manipulating the material, shifting gold atoms is simpler. 

Gold chains make a bold fashion statement no matter the season. Depending on the wearer's preferences, they can be chunky and heavy or thin and light. You may want to try out heavier gold chains that give off a luxurious vibe if going for a high-end look. On the other hand, if you are more of an understated fashionista, go for lighter gold chains with more delicate links. No matter which way you rock your gold chain, one thing is for sure: it will turn heads!

How to Tell if Gold Is Real


One of the most expensive and sought-after commodities in the world is gold. Due to the value of gold, cheap jewelry can be made to appear more valuable if it has a gold-like appearance, even if the gold is fake. If you own a piece of gold, whether it be scrap or a priceless inheritance, you might be curious to learn how to identify genuine gold to prevent purchasing any false copies. While having a gold chain appraised by a qualified jeweler is the best and most reliable way to determine if it is real gold, there are several signs you may look for to determine if a gold chain is real. Here are some tests you may perform and indicators to look for to distinguish between genuine and fraudulent gold chains.

Weight Test:

The weight of a gold chain is an essential indicator of whether the piece is real gold or fake. Because gold is such a thick metal, it will be heavier than it appears to be. To precisely calculate the weight of the gold, use a jeweler's scale. Usually, the weight of gold bars is written on them. Verify that the stated weight matches the actual weight. The weight of many gold coins and pieces will also be stamped on them. Verify the weight's accuracy.

The size of gold should be small in relation to its weight. This is a key factor to consider when buying gold pieces. For example, real gold chains for men might look small but have considerable disproportion in their size-to-weight ratio. Fake gold is often made to be as heavy as real gold, but the size will also be bigger than a real gold piece. If a piece you are considering looks proportional to its weight, it must be fake.

Density Test

Gold's density is about 19.3 grams per milliliter (g/mL). Your gold chain contains more real gold the closer its density is to this value. You will need a scale that measures in grams and a container with milliliter markings that is large enough to comfortably accommodate the gold object to determine the metal's density.

Weigh your object and record its weight. Put your container on a flat surface, then fill it with water halfway. Make a note of the container's milliliter capacity. To prevent water from splashing over the edges, carefully lower your object into the container. Note the updated water level. To calculate the amount of water your item displaced in milliliters, first subtract the first measurement from the second. You can now get the item's volume.

Divide the volume by the weight of your gold object to determine its density. A 40-gram object with a 2.2-milliliter capacity, for instance, will have a density of 40 / 2.2, or 18.18 grams per milliliter. Since gold has a density of 19.3 g/mL, it is likely that the majority of your item is made of real gold. Of course, other metals have weights comparable to gold, making this test a reasonable guide but only partially accurate.

Hallmark Test

Look for a hallmark to determine whether the gold you are about to purchase is genuine. This little stamp shows the carat weight of the gold. Measurements vary depending on where they are used. The hallmark number in the United States is a divisor of 24. A hallmark that reads 12K, or 12 karat gold, indicates that 50% of the jewelry is made of gold. Gold 24K is pure gold.

If the hallmark is missing, it may indicate that the jewelry does not actually contain gold. There are additional explanations that might apply. The hallmark may have faded with time, which is possible if the object is frequently in contact with flesh.

Bayam - Jewelry You Can Trust

Gold chains can vary in weight depending on the type of gold used, the length and thickness of the chain, and other factors. Some gold chains may be relatively lightweight, while others may be quite heavy. In general, however, gold is a relatively dense and heavy metal, so most gold chains will have considerable weight. It's always a good idea to try on a gold chain before purchasing it to get a sense of its weight and determine whether it is comfortable to wear.

Bayam offers a wide range of real gold chains for men and women that are top-notch in both quality and style. They come in various designs that will step up your outfit and style.

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