Best Beach Jewelry for This Summer

Best Beach Jewelry for This Summer

We spend all year waiting for summer so we can go to the beach to sunbathe and read our favorite book, go for a swim in the cool sea, have some food and drinks accompanied by the sound of waves, and just relax and enjoy ourselves. Now when we say beachwear, we know you are thinking of swim trunks and bikinis, colorful shirts, sandals, glasses…but what about jewelry? We use jewelry to express ourselves and showcase our style all year round, so why not on the beach as well? In this blog post, we will talk about some of the best options for beach jewelry for this summer, so you can shine brighter than the sun.

Colorful Options

When we think of summer, we think of bright, lively colors. We wear colorful swim trunks and bikinis, and playful shirts to let our summer vibes shine through. Colors look especially great on tanned skin, so why not wear colorful jewelry to add to our summer vibes. Colorful jewelry also look great on neutral tones as they elevate your beachwear by adding a pop of color.


For women, anklets are the perfect summer accessory so we recommend our Puffed Gucci Link Chain Anklet in Tri-Color Gold for this summer. For a fun look, our Women’s Colorful Evil Eye Station Bracelet is a casual, playful bracelet that is perfect for beachwear. Or if you want something a bit more elegant, our Diamond Cut Elephant Stampato Bracelet in Tri-Color Gold is a colorful yet sophisticated accessory that is guaranteed to elevate your beach style.


For men, our Miami Curb Link Chain Bracelet in Tri-Color Gold is a colorful yet bold accessory that is guaranteed to showcase your bold personality and style with a touch of color. Or if you want more vivid colors, our Indian Chief Rainbow Stud Earrings featuring colorful stones is guaranteed to do the job.

Classic Options

For those who keep their beach style more neutral and elegant, we have plenty of classic jewelry options for you.


For men, our Pave Miami Curb Link Chain Necklace featuring a Diamond-Cut & Two-Tone Gold finish, with matching Pave Miami Curb Link Chain Bracelet is guaranteed to turn heads. These two would go great with our Signet Ring, which is available in oval and square.


For women, our Rope Chain is guaranteed to add a touch of sophistication to your beach wear. You can choose to wear one chain by itself or two chains in different lengths to further elevate your style. You can combine it with one of our Stud Earrings like our Sunflower Design Micro-Pavé Diamond Stud Earrings which is perfect for a sunny day out.

Bold Options


What is the first chain you think of when we say bold? That’s right, the Cuban Link Chain. We can’t make a list about bold options without mentioning everyone’s favorite bold chain. This summer, we recommend our Miami Cuban Link Chain Necklace with matching Miami Cuban Link Chain Bracelet for a bold and captivating look for both men and women.


For men who you want to go one step forward, you can choose among various Pendants like our Diamond Cut Last Supper Charm Pendant to make an even bolder statement.


For women, we recommend bold, stylish earrings like our Large Twisted Diamond Cut Bamboo Hoop Earrings to complete your outfit.


One of our favorites, the Nugget Square Ring is another option that is perfect for bold men and women.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Unfortunately, sea water, sand, excessive sun, and sweat can cause tarnishing on your gold jewelry. So in order to ensure your gold jewelry is your best beach pal for all summers to come, take a look at our blog on How to Keep Your Gold Jewelry from Tarnishing.



We can keep going on and on about the perfect beach jewelry but of course it depends on personal style preferences. The above are just some of our favorites for this summer, and the great thing is, all of them are great for a sunny day on the beach, and a classy dinner later at night.


But if you haven’t found what you are looking for, don’t worry, we have plenty more options at Bayam Jewelry. We offer a variety of Chains, Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets, Rings, and Earrings. So go to Bayam Jewelry and find the perfect jewelry that will shine brighter than the sun this summer.

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