Boldly Committed: The Ultimate Men’s Wedding Band Guide

Boldly Committed: The Ultimate Men’s Wedding Band Guide


A wedding band is probably the most important piece of jewelry we wear. It symbolizes eternal love and commitment, which is why it is important to choose the right ring that is also eternal in style. So in this blog post, we will talk about everything you need to know when buying your wedding band.

How to Choose a Men’s Wedding Band

Choosing a wedding ring can be a difficult task as compared to other jewelry that you can pick and choose based on your outfit and the occasion, you will be wearing your wedding ring at all times. So it has to be something that fits your overall style. Even though there is really no straight answer to how to choose a wedding ring, there are some things you can consider like the metal, size, and design.

Gold vs Platinum Wedding Band

Of course, the most obvious thing to consider when choosing a wedding band is the metal or the color. In terms of color, gold is the better option since you have yellow, white, and rose gold to choose from. So if you are strictly a yellow-gold man, for example, then the answer is obvious. But if color isn’t the most important thing for you and you want to get your money’s worth, then you should consider the differences between platinum and gold, especially white gold in terms of looks.


White Gold vs Platinum Wedding Band

White gold and platinum look so identical that it’s not often possible to tell the difference at first glance. So in terms of looks, there isn’t much difference. However, you should bear in mind that the plating in white gold can wear off over time and fade to yellow. But it’s easy to make it look white again with re-plating. Platinum, on the other hand, will never fade as it’s naturally white.

Value of Gold vs Platinum

Platinum wedding bands are purer and denser than gold wedding bands so they are more valuable. Platinum rings are 95% pure platinum, while 18K gold rings are 75% pure gold, 14K gold rings are 58.5% pure gold, and 10K gold rings are 41.7% pure gold. Of course, this means platinum wedding rings are also more expensive than gold, so you should make a decision according to your budget.

Durability of Gold vs Platinum

Even though both platinum and gold are very strong and durable metals, platinum is more durable than gold. This is because of platinum’s density and chemical structure, which allows for longer wear than gold. However, platinum is actually more prone to scratching than gold as it’s a softer metal. So while gold can withstand everyday wear more, platinum may not. But an important thing to bear in mind is how they both scratch. When gold is scratched, you can see the actual scratch as the gold is lost. But, when platinum is scratched, the metal only moves from one place to another. Over time, this becomes what is called a “patina finish”, which is actually loved by many people! But if you don’t like this, then an easy re-polishing will make your platinum ring as good as new.

Comfort of Gold vs Platinum

Because platinum is more dense than gold, it is heavier. So if you are looking for a light wedding ring that you won’t even feel at times, then gold is the right choice for you. But if you don’t mind the heavier weight, then you can go for a platinum ring.

How Wide Should a Men’s Wedding Band Be?

Even though the width depends on your personal preferences, you should still choose a wedding ring that looks proportionate to your finger. For example, thinner rings will look better on shorter fingers, while thicker rings will look better on longer fingers. But a standard size, like a 5-6mm, will look good on everyone.

At Bayam Jewelry, our men’s wedding rings are between 2mm-10mm in width. If you want to know what that will look like on your finger, get some nickels (seriously!) 2mm is 1 nickel, and 10mm is 5 nickels. This way you can see how the ring will look on your finger before buying it!


From Classic to Modern: The Best Men’s Wedding Bands at Bayam

Now this is the difficult part. You know what color you want, you chose your metal and width, and now it’s time to choose the design. Honestly, even we are having difficulty giving you suggestions because there are just so many options! But we have divided our best picks for classic, modern, and bold men’s wedding rings, so you can get an idea of what styles we offer.

Classic Men’s Wedding Bands

Whether you choose gold or platinum, you can’t go wrong with a classic wedding ring. Our Classic Comfort Fit Wedding Band in Gold or Platinum is the ultimate classic wedding ring. It almost becomes a part of you and it is guaranteed to complement any outfit and style.


Modern Men’s Wedding Bands

For a classic ring with a modern twist, our Euro-Square Comfort Fit Wedding Band in Gold or Platinum is a stylish and masculine ring that is perfect for modern men. Or, for something a bit more sophisticated, you can choose our Inlay Wedding Band in Gold or Platinum, which is perfect for both men and women.


Bold Men’s Wedding Bands

But wedding rings don’t have to be a simple style. If you want a wedding ring that is bold and unique, we have plenty of options for you. Our Hammered Comfort Fit Wedding Band in Gold or Platinum is a bold, unique wedding ring that is guaranteed to showcase your bold style and personality. For a more unique design, you can choose our Woven Pattern Comfort Fit Wedding Band in Gold or Platinum, or our Brushed Double Stripe Comfort Fit Wedding Band in Gold or Platinum. These stylish designs add a touch of charisma to the wedding ring, and is guaranteed to add a touch of charisma to your overall style.


Say “I Do” in Style with Bayam

Ultimately, there is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to wedding rings. Your wedding ring should be unique to you, and should be a reflection of your style and personality. But you should still consider the above to help you find the perfect wedding ring. If you are ready to shop, we have plenty of Men’s Gold Wedding Bands and Men’s Platinum Wedding Bands for you to choose from. We also offer free name engraving inside the ring which takes around 10 days to complete. Or for those who want to carry their love outside the ring, you can choose our Engravable Classic Wedding Band in Gold or Platinum, which can be engraved up to two lines and available in three different fonts! So go to Bayam Jewelry today and find the wedding ring that will make you say “I do” in style.


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