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Cuban Link Jewelry and Street Style

After a long time on a social sabbatical through the pandemic, getting back into the fashion trends starts with knowing where you belong and how you want to work your way back into the world. A Cuban link chain is a perfect way to say that you know what you're about and you still are the trendiest person in the room. While dainty chains, simple accessories, and solid cuts are still in fashion, nothing screams true and rebel as much as a Cuban link does. Clunky and chunky chains are fresh air, no matter which style you want to exude, class, optimism, or retro.

From the red carpets and runways to rap battles, the Cuban links are back, and they're here to stay this time. As a bonafide fashion trend, it's leading the charts in fashion weeks and shows worldwide from Copenhagen to Paris. Let's learn about how hip-hop styles made their way into the fashion world and how street style evolved around these chunky bits and pieces of artistic magnificence.

Why Get a Cuban Link Chain? & How to Style It


A Cuban link chain is a versatile item that speaks for itself and can easily fit into any ensemble. The right way of choosing a Cuban link chain is still a mystery. You might be selecting certain outfits and situations where Cuban links fit seamlessly against others where they seem out of place. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is finding a chain that needs to be bigger. While going huge isn't ideal for short people, for an average-sized person aiming anywhere under 10mm thick and 24 inches long is the sweetest spot. Try to get them slightly above precisely the middle point of the chest to fit the proportions of your outfits without looking too out of balance.

Does a flashy Cuban link chain need to fit into the rest of your look? Yes. To make a much stronger impression on the people around you, get a shirt that draws the eye to your chest, complementing the links' color and texture. Semi-neutral colors enhance the Cuban links look you're aiming for. Street style is simply about knowing the difference between being casual and underdressing. Overdressing with a Cuban chain is a bad idea because a Cuban link chain will look out of place on tuxedos and suits.

If you're matching it with other jewelry pieces, it's probably the time to step up with bracelets, rings, and other aesthetic experimentations. Explore one bit at a time because the worst thing you can do is overwhelm everything simultaneously; when exploring jewelry, the essential item that can slip off your mind is to take it slow. Sticking with a single color scheme is ideal when you're at step one of creating your collection. With a Cuban link chain as the centerpiece, believe in figuring out what metals you'd want to experiment with one phase later, like rose gold or white gold.

Are 14K Cuban Link Chains a Good Fit for Street Style?

Anyone who follows hip-hop jewelry knows Cuban chains are the best accessory to start your collection. They make a bold statement with a touch of luxury because street style is about your confidence and the vibe you give out. Cuban chains can be worn with nearly any street outfit, from casual to dressy, with everything you are comfortable with. They enhance your look and bring that element of bling to the table that completes your ensemble. They are affordable and timeless; trends are temporary while class is permanent; the Cuban links are one of those fashion trends that always stay in style. It's the piece of jewelry you can wear for any street event, no matter what the celebration is about, step out in style and wear a diamond Cuban link chain on your neck and a bracelet to match it.

Like your favorite rapper, shine with that bold look that fits every stylish outfit. You can pair your chain with a button-down shirt and dress pants from a night out on the town. When heading to the beach, throw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and match them with white gold chains. The best thing about them is that they come with an adjustable clasp and are available in thousands of different styles.

Is 10K Cuban Link Jewelry a Good Match with Urban Fashion Trends?

A Cuban chain is a style in which round or oval gold rings interlock against each other to forge a sleek pattern. They lay flat on your chest with a chain or wrist when it's a bracelet. Cuban links are mechanically sound and sturdy chain styles, and their interconnecting pattern assures long-term use and high-grade quality. Due to their longevity, Cuban link necklaces are larger and heavier than any other style.

Stand out with chains that scream youth, rebelliousness, vivacity, and badass style. When they are highly demanded by celebrities and rappers having a huge fan following, and everyone's still sought after them whenever they go shopping, you know the demand is real, and you need to get a piece of that cake as well. If you want to go a little on the classic tux style and emphasize standing out from the crowd, go for diamond-embellished prong Cuban link chains.

Bayam: Styling the Perfect Cuban Chains

Street style has evolved to a point where it's both classy and trendy when paired with the right glamorous accessories. Wear that fabulous-looking Cuban link bracelet with your streetwear, whether it is tee shirts, joggers, or denim. Give yourself a street vibe by giving your unique look.

Experimenting with combinations like hoodies and shorts can blend well with Cuban link bracelets only to provide a balanced, comfortable, and trendy look without looking like you're overdoing anything. Get every style of a Cuban link at a place that cares about you, from figaro chains to mariner pendants; Bayam has it all. Look like you belong at every place you go with Bayam Jewelry. Click here to know more.

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