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Does Sterling Silver and White Gold Look Alike?

The art of choosing jewelry is individualized and based on your taste, aesthetic, and purchase motivation. But it can be challenging to select the best option for you, given the wide range of possibilities available. A white gold chain is preferred over most other forms of jewelry in today’s world owing to its luster and clean finish.

White gold and sterling silver are intricate for the untrained eye to distinguish at first look. The two metals are very distinct despite having the same hue, silver. To the naked eye, comparing the advantages and disadvantages of white gold and sterling silver may seem pointless because they essentially seem the same. But take a closer look; there are many distinctions to consider before you buy.

Sterling Silver vs White Gold Jewelry

Even the best among us can get indecisive when faced with multiple lovely possibilities! Maybe you’re drawn to the gleaming silver tones of sterling silver chains and a white gold pendant, but you’re unsure of the distinctions that give each metal composition its own identity. The fact is, white gold and sterling silver have similar appearances, but with the correct information, you can easily differentiate between the two. Here’s a little guide to help you understand the two materials better.

White Gold


Pure yellow gold is combined with other white metals to create white gold, which gives it a bright white look akin to silver. White gold quality depends on the alloy, typically composed of nickel, silver, or palladium. It is frequently coated with the metal rhodium to strengthen, give it more luster, and endure longer. Like yellow gold, white gold’s purity is expressed in karats. Therefore, if white gold rings have an 18-carat purity, they will contain 75% gold and 25% other metals.

Because of its enduring beauty and intrinsic value, yellow gold has traditionally been used for engagement and wedding rings. But during the 1990s, people have been more interested in the cool, pure shine of white gold. White gold, which doesn’t reflect color through the stone and enhances the glitter and brightness of diamonds, enables individuals who favor the appearance of silver-colored metal to uphold tradition without sacrificing beauty. 

White gold is a material that can never tarnish, corrode, or rust. Compared to platinum, white gold is far more flexible, making it simpler to shape into delicate, complex shapes such as a white gold earring or an intricate necklace. It is perfect for individuals who want the beauty of platinum with the history and tradition connected to gold and is also slightly less expensive than platinum.

The crisp white sheen of white gold is ideal for highlighting the glitter and brilliance of your diamond. 

Sterling Silver

On the other hand, sterling silver is pure silver combined with copper to manufacture jewelry and has a shiny white appearance that resembles white gold. Although it requires frequent polishing, this white gold substitute is more affordable. Sterling silver is categorized under metal alloys, meaning that sterling silver is made of several different metals rather than just one (like pure silver, for example). 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy make up sterling silver. Typically, this 7.5% is formed of copper or zinc.

Compared to pure silver, sterling silver suffers damage and tarnishes more easily. It is common knowledge to people with an eye for jewelry that silver can tarnish when exposed to air. But because sterling silver contains alloy metals, it is more susceptible to tarnishing. Zinc, nickel, and copper are easily tarnished metals. These tarnish more quickly and readily when combined with another metal that can degrade, such as silver.

Some advantages of sterling silver may persuade you to choose it over fine silver when buying objects.

The cost would be the first and most evident. Fine silver is more expensive than less pure sterling silver because it has a higher percentage of pure silver. Sterling silver, on the other hand, retains the same high level of visual quality as fine silver, allowing you to purchase timeless pieces for less money.

The durability aspect is another. Sterling silver is far more durable than fine silver because of the additional metal alloys, which can help your item last longer and maintain the best possible appearance.

Compared to fine silver, which is flexible and soft, sterling silver is easier to mold. Therefore, you can find more jewelry options with sterling silver.

How to Distinguish White Gold and Sterling Silver

Although white gold and sterling silver are similar in appearance to the untrained eye, with a bit of attention to detail, you can distinguish between the two easily. Here are the critical differences between white gold and sterling silver:

  1. White gold has a fine mirror-like appearance and shine resulting from the Rhodium plating. Sterling silver is very lustrous and has a gleaming appearance.
  2. White gold is more durable when compared to sterling silver. White gold is the right choice for everyday wear and items more prone to come in contact with damaging agents like air, water, or other objects. A white gold bracelet is a much better option than a silver one. Sterling silver suffers from scratches very easily. With prolonged wear and continuous exposure to air or water, sterling silver can become bent or lose shape.
  3. White gold retains its shine and luster for a more extended period. But it will need to be re-plated with Rhodium once every two or three years. Sterling silver, on the other hand, has a very bright shine when it is brand new, but without frequent and regular cleaning, it will lose its luster from damage and tarnishes.

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