How Are Rope Chains Made?

How Are Rope Chains Made?

No chain design is as prominent as a rope chain. These chains give a detailed and unique look. With a few designs being more about saving costs as they are hollow, rope chains are one of the more sought-after looks to sport on one's outfit. Rope chains come with unique twisted links braided and twisted together instead of simple links. The twists have beautiful details that create a spiral effect that remind you of woven rope fibers. 

Hollow rope chains look like other chains but vary significantly when you weigh them; the inside of the chain is entirely hollow. While they are perfect for someone looking for an in-budget chain, they are brittle, and fixing them can be challenging. While automated machinery is staking some claims in jewelry making of rope chains, handmade techniques are still in use. 

How Long Should a Rope Chain Be?

Rope chains are interesting because they are prominent and stick out oddly when they don't fit the ensemble nicely. Figuring out the right length has a lot to do with how you look as a person; if you're a tall person, a choker or a short chain will work beautifully with the swan neck. But a choker or a short rope chain will look out of place on a shorter person. Ideal length also depends on the style you're going for and the outfit you're trying to match. 

In a few aspects, it's all about finding the perfect balance between the things you want to focus on and those you don't. When someone chooses a 20-24 inches long rope chain, it elongates their neck as it takes the focus away from the neck area. If you're 5' 4" or shorter, it is best to experiment with shorter lengths, as the medium length would look out of place again. It's a process of trial and error until you find the one, but the process is a journey you'd love as it's you, and if you like what you look at in the mirror, that's all that matters. 


What Thickness Rope Chain Should I Get?

Due to their rugged but classy look, many people like to pair chains with pendants. While the thickness is not discussed as often, rope chains look girthy by default. Many people prefer the look of the rope chain because it looks intense. With chains of thicknesses between 1 and 1.5 mm being the most common thickness that people choose, it's possible to incorporate pendants without the chain looking out of place or in proportion. 

There are more things to consider while buying a rope chain than going for the cheapest option, as the mass-produced chains are getting hard to keep track of. There is a notable increase in the number of varieties available. If you are not careful with choosing the right thickness with the right jeweler, you might end up with a chain that might snap in half. Investing in a good quality chain that can serve you for years is the best decision.

How to Diamond Cut a Rope Chain

When a few of the links in a rope chain have flat sections, it gives the chain a faceted effect. A chain with this effect is called a diamond-cut rope chain. The links in diamond-cut rope chains are carefully joined to form a continuous chain, as they have unique grooves that sparkle when light touches it. This type of jewelry mainly consists of metal components that twist into each other like an actual rope. 

Diamond-cut rope chains are available in various colors and sizes and provide a wide variety of aesthetic values for you to choose from. The diamond cuts give it a unique texture and uniqueness, while it is also much more durable than the conventionally cut rope chains. It allows light to reflect off as the sparkly visual commands presence.

How to Repair a Hollow Rope Chain

Rope chains can be notoriously tricky to repair. The design of the chain is sometimes hollow on the inside; this is done to reduce metal weight. While it can save you a lot of money while giving you a look you want, there is always a risk that it might crush and collapse. The repair is complex because of the design, but it's harder to maintain the original integrity with which the chain came. Gold rope chains are made with delicate interlocking rings; when it breaks, the only thing you can do is solder it back together. While it is suggested that you go to a jewelry repair shop, you can try doing it at home with gold paste solder and a bit of heat to mimic a soldering iron.

Are Rope Chains Good for Pendants?

Rope chains command a presence like no other chain type. Their intricate designs and overlapping structures make them durable when paired with a pendant. They are perfect to wear with one because the pendant gives an element of oomph and makes the rope chain a statement piece. Rope chains tend to be lustrous and shiny regarding the cut and design. They look right at home with a twisty pattern and stand alone as a statement piece. Ideally, thin rope chains come alive with a pendant much more than a thick chain, so match it that way. 

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