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How to Measure a Gold Necklace Length?

You purchase a gold necklace chain from an online retailer. When you put it on, you notice that you might like it shorter or longer than it actually is. However, this is something that we can help you with. Read to know more.

Regarding necklace lengths, all have their own distinct styles and preferences. It's also vital to remember that body size and height play a part in determining the appropriate length of necklace. So, how do you find the measurement of your necklace? When it comes to wearing a necklace, one wrong move can ruin their entire look. So, if you're unsure how to measure necklace length, this guide is for you. The blog will assist you in determining the length of the necklace and how to take measurements to make the process easier for you.

Measuring The Length Of A Chain

Measure your necklace length at home before going necklace shopping—whether online or in-store. Knowing your numbers before placing an order is a smart move.

Tape Measure

The simplest approach to how to measure a necklace is to wrap a measuring tape around your neck. Adjust it to the desired necklace length, and you're done. Remember to measure in necklace length cm to the right point. If you get a number that is not a round decimal, round it up to the next possible inches. Keep in mind the possible outfit that you would like to wear the necklace with, as you decide the length of the gold necklace.

Try it around a chain or string

If you want to try on a different necklace from the ones in your jewelry box or want to shop for a certain neckline, try measuring with a basic long chain or thread in the mirror until you find the most suitable length. The existing chain can also provide the feel of the result, providing you with proof.

Check the length against a necklace you currently own

If you want to buy a necklace online, check a similar necklace at home, such as a necklace that is 24 inches in length. It will help you gauge the exact length required. Examine its arrangement and compare the number to the piece you're considering to get a solid idea of how your future buy will seem. This way you can comparatively determine the length of your new chain so you don't go wrong with the length selection.

Standard Chain Lengths For Men


Men's necklaces, in particular, are the most frequently researched jewelry piece. Necklaces are a complex piece of adornment for men, particularly when paired with men's clothes. However, well-fitting men's necklaces can change the entire look and feel of the attire. It serves to highlight the style and make them appear cool and elegant. The length of the chain plays a key role in the selection of the wardrobe as well.

In general, mens chain length will influence the whole style, particularly when it comes to the shirts they wear. For example, purchasing a long necklace that hangs above or under the shirt could result in different styles. It is all up to what is preferred. Necklace lengths for males range from 16 inches to 36 inches, depending on the preferred style.

Men's necklace chains are available in various sizes, styles, materials, and colors. When picking the right size necklace for men, it is critical to determine how far it will extend down the front of the chest. The following are the standard necklace lengths for men:

The base of the neck: This type of necklace's length is around 17-19 inches.

Collarbone length: These are men's most popular necklace lengths, measuring 19-21 inches long.

Below the collarbone: The second most popular necklace length for men, measuring 21-23 inches.

Chest length: Many men prefer the chest length type of necklace, which could be between 23 and 25 inches long.

How To Choose The Right Necklace Length For Another Person?

Are you looking for gifts? Necklaces make excellent tokens of appreciation for loved ones, but you must ensure that the receiver will like and wear the necklace of your choice. Choosing the correct necklace length is critical when searching for bridal proposal gifts, birthday presents, or Christmas gifts. Here are some tips on choosing the appropriate necklace length while purchasing for someone else.

Choose the appropriate length: 18" chains are recommendable for smaller necks and will reach the base of the neck; 20" chains will reach the collarbone, 22" chains will stand a few inches below the collarbone, and 24" chains will stick a few inches above the sternum, and 30" chains will rest on the collarbone.

Choose popular necklace lengths: Princess necklaces are considered standard necklace lengths. The princess length reaches 17 to 18 inches and is perfect for various day-to-night outfits. The choker, which measures 14 and 16 inches, is another popular basic necklace.

Consider the length of the neck: Short chains look best on women with long, thin necks. They are less flattering on those with short or broad necks. If they have a short neck, you can make it appear longer by wearing a chain between 20 and 24 inches long. If their neck is of normal length and breadth, you could consider choosing any length necklace.

If they have a wide neck and want to wear a choker, go up an inch or two in length to guarantee it fits comfortably. If you are unsure what will suit them, better add three to four inches to the neck measurement. If they have a wide neck, you can usually go any length, but keep the breadth of the chain in mind. A thin chain is preferable to a thick one.

Bayam Jewelry Offers Chains Of Every Length!

A chain necklace is a beautiful highlight for any well-dressed man/woman. While buying it, you should make sure the length is appropriate and that it's manufactured of high-quality materials. You will be intrigued to buy more than one piece -after checking the Bayam Necklace Collection. So, browse through the Bayam Jewelry necklace collection, and keep the necklace pieces adaptable for different days/occasions. Shop our ever-changing selection of necklaces. We exclusively create meaningful jewelry that allows your experience to shine through.

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