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How to Wear A Gold Chain Men?

Whether men ought to wear gold chains has always been around. Men have been wearing gold chains for a very long time globally. A gold chain worn by men is accepted as a socially and culturally acceptable act and showcases wealth, power, and social ranking. It'll also enable you to keep up with fashion trends, as jewelry is fast becoming a vital accessory in men's outfit trends. With the latest trends in fashion, gold chains might be the right choice to step up your style game and add an element of flash and awe to your outfit. 

These days, gold chains are a popular accessory. The truth is that these items were restricted to a specific market for a very long period. From rappers to A-list stars, they used to be frequently linked to hip-hop culture. However, gold chains have quickly integrated into the mainstream fashion trends of today's society.

Gold chains are no longer limited to just hip-hop and celebrity cultures today. Instead, they are now an accessory that can be sported irrespective of gender. A gold chain for men is seen as an indicator of success in today's society.

The addition of gold chains to your outfit can significantly improve its appearance. However, how do you make gold chains fashionable?

Choosing Your Gold Chain

One of the more versatile styles of jewelry for guys, men's gold chains may be utilized to complement almost any style or appearance. Wearing a gold chain for the first time can make you feel slight discomfort or weirdness. But as time passes, you'll discover that the proper gold chain can serve as an everyday accessory and improve your overall outfit.

The proper gold chain for guys can enhance your sense of style and make your ensemble much cooler. Gold chains give your outfit the crucial edge and uniqueness. You can only achieve this look by wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Furthermore, it would help if you kept in mind that these chains are worthwhile investments and functional.

Choose The Right Chain Type

There are many kinds of gold chains. Before picking out a chain for yourself, you might want to consider it. For instance, if you're going to look great with swag, choose the Figaro or Cuban link chains with larger links, which you can wear with a printed oversized shirt, black jackets, and caps. On the other hand, if your style is more minimalist, you can use delicate rope chains or a simple, thin gold chain.

Choose Your Chain Based on Your Face Shape

The shape of your face is an essential factor to consider when choosing a gold chain. For instance, a bold and short gold chain can draw attention to your round face and should be avoided if you have one. Use thin yellow gold chains in their place to narrow out your face. However, if your face is thin, you should wear strong, short gold chains.

However, there are some chains that you can sport without much thought to your face shape. Therefore, even if it doesn't suit your face shape, you can still look attractive if you style it correctly.

Choose Your Chain Based on Your Neck Size

You must first measure or estimate your neck size before buying a new gold chain. To avoid wearing gold chains that are either too small or too large for your taste, measure your neck first. With the help of a measuring tape around your neck, you can determine the correct size.

A vital pro tip when wearing gold chains is to be careful not to tighten them too far. If you want to make it more comfortable so that your gold chains don't choke you, we advise adding 2 to 5 inches to your measurement. It is a simple idea but also crucial, so keep it in mind.

Choose The Right Chain Length for Yourself


Learning the various lengths of men's gold necklaces is vital before buying your first gold chain. Usually, 20 to 24-inch chains with pendants and charms are frequently used by men as statement pieces.

Use gold chains between 14 and 18 inches long for males to wear as chokers. Others opt for those between 25 and 30 inches long, which will add nicely to your overall look. The gold chain's thickness is also critical. Slim gold chains, typically favored by women, range in thickness from 1 millimeter to 6 millimeters. These can give you a subtle, neat look.

In contrast, wearing thick gold chains with widths between 6 and 10 mm will make you appear more stylish. Rappers and hip-hop fanatics, on the other hand, favor wearing gold chains that are 12 mm thick.

Styling Gold Chains

You can wear your yellow or white gold chains in various ways to suit your style. Even styling is up to you if it appears intact and out of proportion. Also, you may wear it however you want if you have confidence and imagination. However, if you're unsure of how to style it or what to pair it with, look at the typical styling options listed below.

  1. The most common form of accessorizing with gold chains is to pair it as a single accessory with matching white t-shirts or black turtlenecks and jeans. Ideally, a single gold chain that fits your aesthetic and vibe will bring out the elegance in you and add a touch of sophistication to your overall look. It is subtle and easy to pull off. 
  2. Your appearance reflects your personality, so use your gold chains with a large or tiny pendant to express yourself and flaunt your style. You can add your initials or any other words that are important to you or that you feel accurately describe you, which will undoubtedly make your clothing, and by extension yourself, more interesting.
  3. To add an element of swag to their outfit game, many people try layering gold chains of varying sizes. Some people prefer subtlety by wearing only one gold chain, while others prefer to be flamboyant. For instance, wearing small, delicate chains with big, dramatic ones that extend to your collarbone might seem casual and playful. They go well with different clothes, including round-necked T-shirts in black or white.

Different Ways Men Can Wear A Gold Chain 

There are many different ways that men can wear a gold chain. Some popular options include wearing the chain around the neck, either on its own or with a pendant, cross, or another piece of jewelry attached to it. Gold chains can also be worn as a bracelet, either on their own or with other bracelet styles. Another option is to wear a gold chain as a belt, either by threading it through the belt loops on a pair of pants or wearing it as a standalone belt. Ultimately, how a man wears a gold chain is a matter of personal style and preference.

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