Kendrick Lamar vs Drake: The Jewelry Battle

Kendrick Lamar vs Drake: The Jewelry Battle

Grammy winning artists Kendrick Lamar and Drake have brought a lot of sound with their most recent rap battle. Now whichever side you are on in this rap battle, there is another battle that needs to be settled—the jewelry battle. Both artists are known for their unique, bold jewelry styles, but who wins the crown? Let’s find out.

Kendrick Lamar

Known for his introspective lyrics, Kendrick Lamar approaches jewelry with a sense of understated elegance. Instead of flashy extravagance, he opts for subtle pieces that exude sophistication. White gold is his metal of choice, adding a touch of modernity to his ensemble while maintaining a refined aesthetic. With his bold gold chains, bracelets, and rings, he is truly the embodiment of modern luxury and contemporary style, making him a true hip-hop royalty.

Classic Pieces

Kendrick Lamar can be seen wearing classic white gold pieces like the Cuban Link Chain and Cuban Link Bracelet. These timeless pieces pay an homage to hiphop, and showcases his taste for impactful jewelry. His choice of white gold adds a sophisticated touch to his look, making a statement of elegance and luxury.


Pglang Chain

This unique diamond chain spells out “Pglang”, which is Lamar’s media company—talk about advertising. While we don’t have anything similar to this considering it’s custom made, you can advertise your own company with a similar Diamond Name Plate Necklace. But one thing is for sure, Lamar’s jewelry is not only bold and stylish, but also extremely unique. His pieces are a testament to his individuality and his ability to seamlessly blend personal branding with high fashion. Whether he’s on stage or off, Lamar’s jewelry makes a powerful statement about his distinctive style and creative vision.


Crown of Thorns

This piece is the crème de la crème of jewelry fashion. This custom made Tiffany crown with 50 thorns and over 8,000 diamonds totaling over 137 carats is truly a masterpiece. Engraved with “Mr. Morale”, it truly is one-of-a-kind (literally), and something only he could pull off. This crown alone can make Kendrick Lamar the winner, but let us explore Drake’s style before making a decision.


If there is one thing Drake loves, it’s bling. He adds a touch of bling to anything he wears, mainly with diamond chains. In contrast to Lamar's subdued style, Drake embraces the spotlight with his love for opulent bling. From diamond pendants to lavish chains, Drake's jewelry collection is a testament to his larger-than-life persona and extravagant taste.

Crown Jewel of Toronto

The Toronto native artist pays homage to his roots with this custom-made piece, featuring the CN Tower, along with mascots of the Toronto Raptors and Blue Jays, all covered in diamonds—a true Canadian masterpiece. Isn’t this what bling dreams are made of?


The “O” Chain

Now there is nothing particularly special about this piece considering some other custom made pieces. But it’s not any less iconic considering its characteristics. Similar to Lamar’s Pglang chain, this pendant necklace represents Drake’s clothing label, October’s Very Own, with a big “O” pendant featuring 2,100 diamonds and weighing 3.5 pounds. This bold and luxurious pendant truly symbolizes both his success in the music industry and his influence in fashion.

OVO Owl Chain

Perhaps the most associated piece with Drake is the Owl chain, also representing his brand OVO. We have seen some different versions of the Owl chain, but this particular piece is said to be a whopping $120,000! This diamond-covered owl pendant serves as a symbol of Drake’s connection to his brand, reflecting his commitment to quality and extravagance in his personal style.


Lamar's Subtle Sophistication vs Drake's Dazzling Display

Now, even though Kendrick Lamar is the clear winner of the rap battle (no offense Drake fans), it’s a bit more complicated in the jewelry battle. There are so many other jewelry pieces to consider, but while Drake loves to showcase his love for bling every chance he gets, Lamar’s style is cooler and more subtle. Each artist brings their own flair to the table, making it difficult to declare a definitive winner. While Drake may reign supreme in the realm of opulence, Lamar's subtle sophistication and profound symbolism set him apart as a true visionary in the world of jewelry fashion. And while Lamar’s Crown of Thorns is a true masterpiece that no piece can ever come close to, Drake’s overall collection deserves recognition. What can we say, we love the way that they dress. Whether you're drawn to Lamar's understated elegance or Drake's dazzling display, one thing is certain: both artists have left an indelible mark on the world of hip-hop and beyond.

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