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Personalize Your Style with Custom Jewelry

We use jewelry to express ourselves; it is a way for us to not only express our style but also our personality. Personalized jewelry takes this concept a step further and allows us to proudly carry ourselves or those we love.

At Bayam Jewelry, you can choose among hundreds of different designs of personalized necklaces, bracelets and rings. You can use the name, initials or date of birth of yourself or those you love. You can even use words that are special to you such as nicknames or dates such as anniversaries. Whatever you want, we can produce!

Here are some of our favorite personalized jewelry to showcase your true self.

Name Plated Necklaces


At Bayam Jewelry, we always keep in mind different styles and personalities when designing our products. So when you are picking a name plated necklace, you can choose from simple, minimal designs to large, glamorous, eye-catching designs that are available in 16” to 24” length.

If you want a simple design that you can wear with anything, then our 14K Gold Script Name Plate Necklace is a great choice. This simple but elegant design can be worn to the office in the morning and to a fine restaurant in the evening. 


Or if you want a little more bling, our Diamond Script Name Plate with Heart Ribbon Necklaces will surely turn heads.


Our Couple’s Diamond Heart Initial Name Plate Necklace is perfect for not only couples but for any two people who are two peas in a pod and want to showcase their love for each other. It is a sentimental piece that allows you to carry your other half at all times.


For those with a paw print on their heart, our 14K Gold Paw Name Plate Necklace is the pawfect choice. We know fur parents miss their fur babies when they are apart and wish they could be together all the time, so we created this piece to allow them to carry their best friends wherever they go.

ID Bracelets

ID bracelets can be used at every age. It is not only a stylish piece that you can wear with everything but also a perfect gift. You can buy one for your baby and keep it as a keepsake to remember the joyous occasion of their birth, or as a present for your child’s graduation to remind them to stay true to themselves as they enter the world. It can also be used as stylish medical bracelets for elderly people or those with illnesses or allergies in case of an emergency. 


Our ID bracelets are available in 10K and 14K gold and come in a variety of chain styles including Cuban Link Chain, Figaro Chain and Mariner Link Chain

Personalized Rings


They say the reason we wear wedding rings on the left fourth finger is because there is a vein that goes directly to the heart, hence the fourth finger became the ring finger. We now know that is not true, but it is still a nice thought. But there is no reason to save the ring finger for a wedding ring. You can wear the name of whoever you love with our 14K Gold Personalised Name Rings. Or, why not wear your own name? After all, ‘if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others’. 

You can choose from simple, minimalistic designs to glamorous diamond designs.

Find the Style that is Uniquely Yours at Bayam Jewelry


These are some of our favorite personalized jewelry styles but don’t worry, we have plenty more. Check out our Custom Jewelry Collection to find the perfect piece that is uniquely yours.


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