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The Most Popular Men's Gold Chain Necklaces Among Celebrities and Influencers

Gold chains are an essential accessory in any man’s wardrobe. They are a timeless accessory that effortlessly elevate any outfit; they can be worn to compliment a formal outfit or to be the star piece of a casual outfit. Whether you are looking for a simple, minimalistic chain or a bold, statement-making chain, we’ve got you covered at Bayam Jewelry. But choosing the right gold chain can be difficult given the wide range of options, so it’s only natural to seek a little inspiration from those whose styles we admire - celebrities. Celebrities have been setting trends for as long as we can remember and gold chains are no exception.

Gold is always a step above sterling silver and carries a class that can help you stand out. The right gold chain is the easiest way to add instant swagger to your pre-tanned look for the summer. The advantage while choosing jewelry is the number of options you have across white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. To get you the necklace of your dreams that your favorite celebs wear, we went deep into unearthing a treasure. Let's explore more about celebrities and how they like to wear them.


A$AP Rocky: The Pioneer Of Men's Gold Chain Necklaces

No one quite champions the cause of men's jewelry like A$AP Rocky. He was always a fashionista and had always been big on jewelry long before it became a mainstream men's fashion trend. ASAP Rocky embraces all jewelry like it's fish to water. A$AP usually wears his diamonds with yellow gold chains; his recent pendant necklace has four pendants spelling out A$AP individually for a presence that commands attention.

With Beyonce, he has one of the biggest collections of diamonds that he can use across various situations and settings. He owns a wide variety of gold chains in yellow, white, and rose gold, ranging from minimalist, thin chains to thick, statement-making chains. But more importantly, whatever chain he wears, he wears it with confidence - that’s how you wear a chain.

Timotheé Chalamet: Expressing Individuality with Chains

As we often think of rappers or hip-hop artists when we talk about gold chains, it is natural that we wouldn’t think of an actor like Timotheé Chalamet. But actually, Chalamet is an avid chain wearer, and wears chains to effortlessly style up his outfits. Chamalet is the perfect example that chains don’t have to be extra bold, but even a thin chain can elevate our outfit and make a statement. He often pairs chains with sweaters and t-shirts for everyday wear, and with V-neck suits for events like premieres. Even though he is a hip-hop fan, he doesn’t try to look like hip-hop artists. Instead, he wears chains appropriate to his posh, European style, and uses them to express himself. At Bayam Jewelry, all our chains are available in a variety of thickness so you can find the chain that is truly yours - just like Chalamet.

Chalamet has been wearing a range of jewelry during photoshoots and in way too many mirror selfies since we fell in love with him in the Call Me By Your Name 2017 era. In his initial days of stardom, Chalamet usually sported a subtle, almost choker-length gold chain that paired well with sweaters and velvet suits. He improvised by rocking a gold chain bracelet in the place of collared shirts when they interfered with the look—a fashionista in every sense of the word, an inventor, and a true icon.

Lil Nas X: The New Town Necklaces on the Old Town Boy

You can't count Lil Nas X out of many games. He's a star and the son of Nas, a legend in his own era. And Lil Nas X always brings glamor with bold and chunky necklaces around his neck that remind a keen viewer of his father.

From head to toe, Lil Nas X is a true style icon. Not only that, but his bold personality and pride in who he is what makes him and his style so authentic. Lil Nas is a true diamond lover, from a full set of diamond grills to diamond manicures, the artist is not afraid to be his true self. He owns a large collection of diamond jewelry and covers himself in bling constantly, whether he is giving concerts or attending red-carpet events. His authenticity also shows in his jewelry choice; the artist often mixes and matches his earrings and wears his favourite chains on repeat, showing the importance of choosing our jewelry properly and based on our personal style.

Bad Bunny: Stylish 25/8

A pioneer of Latin pop trends, Bad Bunny, is never afraid to be himself and show off his love of jewels. His unique sense of style reflects on his jewelry as well. The versatility of his jewelry choices is why we love him - from colorful, playful necklaces to bold, statement-making necklaces, Bad Bunny always serves a look. Of course, let us not forget his full diamond face mask during the pandemic! Through this unique approach to style, Bad Bunny is always authentically himself and uses jewelry perfectly to show off his true self. 

Drake: The King of Bling

We all know Drake loves to flaunt his jewelry - from concerts to basketball games, Drake always shows off his love of bling. He is often seen with customized diamond necklaces and glamorous diamond pendants, and he always carries them with such confidence. Drake is the perfect example of how a touch of bling can elevate any outfit and turn heads. Whatever he wears, he is always the talk of the town.

BayamJewelry: The Perfect Place to Find Your Unique Style

It is normal to look up to celebrities like above who are all style icons. But one thing they all have in common is that they are always authentically themselves and use jewelry as a way to express themselves. That’s exactly how jewelry should be used. From minimalistic, elegant chains to bold, diamond chains, we’ve got it all at Bayam Jewelry. So explore our Men’s Chains Collection and find your authentic style today. If you want to know about different types of chains, take a look at our blog post on A Guide to Men’s Necklaces: Types and Factors to Consider.

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