Where to Buy Real Gold Jewelry?February 10, 2022 · TOM BAYAM

Going by the saying of “All that glitters is not gold”, have you wondered if the gold delivered to you is actually real as it is claimed to be? If you are someone who loves to wear gold jewelry, this question might have crossed your mind at least once. Gold has long been considered as not just a precious metal but as an investment or a tradition to be passed on to future generations. It has been seen as a unique commodity with exceptional value for money. This article is where you will find the most interesting information about what all to be equipped with about gold so that you do not end up spending your hard earned money in the wrong place and regretting your purchase later. Bayam Jewelry shares some important tips to remember while we are doing in-store shopping or browsing through an online shop mesmerized by the glittering gold ornaments.

Fun Facts about Gold Jewelry

Over time, we have seen that both men and women used to love adorning gold jewelry. The jewelry was mostly created by designing it in different shapes and sizes. It was also personalized with the user’s choice of stones, pearls, or mixed with silver or platinum to give it another range of color combinations. Today people have found mediums to move from physical gold to digital gold, which hints to us that gold can never be outdated in modern minds.

History has made us understand that the discovery of gold has been a turning point. From using stones and shells to make ornaments, gold paved the way for more decorative patterns because of its characteristics. Shaping, sizing, and melting to make gold ornaments suited to one’s needs has never been easier. Rings, bracelets, earrings, chains and necklaces, bangles, and watches are some of the most common gold jewelry that is purchased. From maintaining one’s status in society, wearing special pieces for weddings, to closing other business deals, gold has found its way into human life as a necessary commodity equivalent to money.

Gold has also been considered a body modifier in some parts of the world. While it has been considered auspicious in some parts of the world to wear ornaments on our bodies, science has even proved that gold is a positive metal that helps generate optimal oxygen for the body.

How Do We Find Out If the Gold is Real?



At first glance, it is difficult for people who have not handled gold much to find out if the gold is real or fake. Those who have handled real gold will be able to predict it much better. Though there are some methods that help you study the authenticity of gold, they are not always accurate. Gold items when exposed to water can tell us a lot about their quality. Real gold sinks in water and does not get tarnished while exposed to water. These are primary observations one can keep note of, to not mistake cheap quality ornaments for real gold.

The mark of real gold can be found in numerous ways. The traditional way used to be to scratch gold on a hard surface and check the purity. If there is slight discoloration, it means that the gold is not pure. Also, real gold can be melted and there are specialized labs that are involved in analyzing gold. Gold material that sticks to magnets can also be considered pure.

Rubbing the jewelry in some of the liquid makeup items like foundation will help you check its authenticity. Fake gold usually gets discolored with makeup. Also, adding a drop of nitric acid on the surface of gold jewelry is another proven method of finding purity. The surface of the metal turns green if it is real and otherwise shows a white flaky substance if it is phony.

Where to Find Real Gold Jewelry?

As gold jewelry is one of the important assets that we can own, it is smart to always depend on a local jewelry store if you are looking for personalized jewelry or redecorating your old jewelry. Fine jewelry brands that are actually affordable are also great options if one wants to go for hassle-free deals and smooth buying processes.

If you are looking for gold jewelry online, any eCommerce store that specifically mentions conditions on the free return policy should be sought out. Any branded store that has moved their platform online as well is worth going after since such stores rarely mishandle any deals. Any branded jewelry delivers a certificate of authenticity and it will be hallmarked with carat stamps after every purchase.

We will be able to easily find jewelers that have in-store shopping, pick up, and delivery along with online shopping. The clear policies help to bring up any redressal directly if the purchase goes wrong by any chance. Most of the jewelry brands that carry years of experience in the jewelry industry offer certifications, free shipping on certain orders, and 30-day guaranteed returns and exchange. Some famous jewelers even offer to schedule a private viewing for customers as well as free gemologist services. Packaging should also be perfect if we have ordered our jewelry online. It should be perfectly sealed and not tampered with at the time of receiving the order.

Having said all of that, most of us buy gold keeping future investments and benefits in mind. If the retailer (local or high-end) can offer their deals authenticated with the aforementioned values, we should proceed with our gold jewelry purchase.


Points to Keep in Mind While Buying Gold Jewelry

Knowing ways to find out if the gold is real is not enough. It is important to keep some tips in mind while purchasing gold. Record keeping is essential to understand the craft, design, and quality of gold. This also helps in making future purchases better. Below are the specifics to keep in mind when you buy gold jewelry:

Items that have the Carat Stamp

The gold items that have carat stamps are the ones that mostly feature real gold in their designs. Gold items with carat stamps are trustworthy as they can be checked against the value stamped on them. They also carry authenticity, as the statistics like weight and other measurables can be easily verified. Carat, ct, or K, is used as the unit of measurement. Knowing the measurements of the gold assists us with calculating the real value of gold so that we can be assured that the low-carat jewelry is not sold at a higher rate. It can be done so by comparing the original value of gold in the market at the time of purchase.

To understand Gold Stamps, let us have a look at an example. If a part-per number is mentioned in the jewelry order, we need to simply divide the number by 1000 and multiply it by 24. If the number mentioned is 625, divide it by 1000 and multiply it by 24, which gives us 15. This means that the jewelry item is 15K carat gold or 62.5% pure (indicating the level of purity). There are jewelers who offer 916 value on gold jewelry which means it is 91.6% pure and the rest of the 8.4% is comprised of other metals to make the gold usable.

Certificate of Authenticity

Most of the trusted brands follow the system of handing out a certificate along with the receipt or slip after the purchase which ensures a resale value when we are trying to resell gold. A certificate is a form of a document stating the amount and quality of the gold jewelry that we have purchased. Any appraisal expert or a qualified institute will inspect the jewelry and such authenticated jewelry is safe to purchase. Every country has its own standards for hallmark certification. It is always best to look for those certifications that have been widely approved and accepted in the country. Both assay cards and certificates of authenticity can be considered, as they serve as official proof for tested gold. These certificates guarantee test procedures on the fine quality of gold by analyzing and measuring. Bullion pieces of gold are mostly offered with assay cards.

Certificates are also used as a form of safekeeping physical gold from theft. Such certificates are easily obtained and are more reliable when obtained from local banks. These certificates indicate the amount of gold that we do not possess physically but own by value.

Free Returns

Not all shops offer free returns, and that is why we should always seek those which offer one. Shops that guarantee free returns give an unspoken message of giving value to customers. Generally, shops offer 30-day returns without any extra charges in case we change our minds about the jewelry we have purchased. It is ideal for shops to offer such returns as the only procedure they might need to follow is to check if the returned gold is intact.

At Bayam Jewelry, we promise free shipping, 30-day free returns, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Our gold jewelry is hallmarked with a guarantee and is of the finest quality. Visit us for gold jewelry with designs of your choice!