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Can I Swim or Shower with Gold Jewelry?

What happens if you wear a gold chain in the shower?

When you finally get hold of the gold chain you love, you will want to keep wearing it everywhere you go. At parties, the office, or at home, gold jewelry always gives you the freedom to wear it whenever and wherever you want. However, are there any restrictions to wearing it all the time? Do you have to take it off in the shower? Should it be avoided so that your gold pieces don't get damaged?

Though it is known to everyone that gold jewelry can be worn in the shower and the metal does not get damaged with water, wearing it daily has its share of demerits. One possible damage to a gold chain if exposed to water is that the shine can reduce over time. If the location you live in has only a hard water supply, the gold will have mineral and residue buildup showing slight discoloration. The soap that you use can also make gold appear dull.

Read this article to understand more about times when you need to be careful with your gold jewelry and ways to them.

What karat gold can you shower in?

Showering with gold jewelry can affect the physical properties and the sheen. Though it can be repolished back, it's better to take precautions than go through the hassle and expense of bringing back the glitter. Also, the jewelry will lose its original weight considerably if you re-polish your gold chains repeatedly.

Bath and shower products such as exfoliants and scrubs will cause abrasion to the gold surface. Real gold necklaces with high purity are more prone to damage than those with less purity. For instance, a 14K yellow gold hollow chain will need more care than a 10K yellow gold hollow chain. If you are looking for jewelry you can wear in the shower, any gold that is 14k and above can be worn in the shower. Solid gold that is 10K pure is safe to wear in the shower, because of the amount of gold that comes with it.

It's always ideal to leave your jewelry outside of the washroom. Removing your jewelry every time you shower can seem complicated, but the habit can keep you from paying the price for care and repair afterward. Keep a dedicated spot like a holder or stand near your shower to keep your jewelry away from water while you shower inside your washroom. Having a specific place can make things easy for you to take care of your jewelry and build the habit.

How long does pure gold last?

Pure gold jewelry is meant to last forever. Solid gold does not lose its value over many years and is safe for those who quickly get skin infections and allergies. Gold-filled pieces have a shelf-life of approximately 20 to 30 years, and gold-plated jewelry lasts for about five years. Of all the options, pure gold is precious as it lasts many years and has been known to be passed on for generations. This is why gold becomes the preferred hairloom in many countries by families because of its value as the color won't fade, and the metal won't tarnish.

Should You Wear Gold Chain In The Pool?


The water in swimming pools is always mixed with chlorine to kill the germs. It is safer to avoid wearing a gold chain in the pool as even though gold is highly resistant to chemicals, the other metals added to gold chains can react with chlorine in the water. Moreover, the chlorine can increase the corrosive property of the gold, leading to discoloration and leaving a dark residue around the skin where you are wearing the jewelry. Remove your ornaments if you have gold jewelry on you before you jump in the pool.

Suppose you forget to remove your gold jewelry while swimming, gently wash it afterward with a mild cleaning agent that is used for cleaning gold jewelry. Do not scrub the jewelry harshly or use baking soda for cleaning, as it may lead to the jewelry losing its shine. Dry your cleaned gold chain using a soft cloth to help retain the metal's luster.

How To Care For Your Gold Chain

Lovers of gold chains will want to be extra careful with maintaining their jewelry to retain the look of the chains just as how it was when they bought them. In this case, they must care for the jewelry with proper cleaning and keep them away from soaps, oils, and other materials that tamper with its shine.

You have to care for any jewelry you wear, whether larger pieces such as big and bold chains with heavy pendants or simple statement rings. It is more likely that people remember to remove heavy gold items but forget about the smaller ones.


Discoloration is one issue, but losing the stones and settings may be difficult to replace. Harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia can damage gold chains, and you need to be extra careful if it carries particular stones or settings. Clean your jewelry with a mild cleaning agent and place them inside a dish or vessel. If your chain carries small stones, the dish may collect them even if they fall off.

Combine a mild washing soap with water if you don't have a jewelry-specific agent. Soak your gold piece in the solution for 2-3 hours before giving them a gentle scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse in normal water and pat dry with a soft cloth. Give your gold chain to a local jeweler once or twice a year for deep cleaning and check for damage that may not be visible to you.


Wearing heavy jewelry and long chains is risky during work out as it could get caught in an equipment or cause skin irritation due to sweat. Also, pure gold is brittle and can easily break with rigorous physical activity. While less purity gold is not as prone to such damages, gold jewelry can lose its properties with sweat as the yellow metal is more vulnerable to oxidation. They will quickly get damaged when exposed to alkaline sweat repeatedly.

Bath and Skincare Products

Bath and skin care products will not only damage your jewelry, but they can also cause residue buildup when exposed to certain chemicals. Remove your jewelry before applying any cream if you use bath or skincare products with intense ingredients, like retinol.

The more often you wear the jewelry, the more frequently you should wash it. If you wear your jewelry daily, you should follow a basic cleaning routine weekly. Gather your frequently worn jewelry once a week and follow a cleaning routine. Before you begin, check for damage like a cracked ring band, a loose stone, or a damaged chain.

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