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      Gold Rings

      Gold rings are jewelry pieces that add class to your outfits. Whether traditional or modern, gold rings have always been preferred by most generations. Bayam brings you a wide variety of designs and styles to select from, allowing you to customize your look. 

      Different Styles for Different Occasions

      Gold rings generally come in white and yellow gold with different purities of 10K and 14K. The combination of white and yellow gold is used in some gold rings to suit the pattern of the ring. For instance, the men's Jesus last supper 10K ring is designed with both white and yellow gold in combination with white gemstones, giving the ring a classy finish. 10K gold is a more durable option since it contains more parts of other metal alloys that are more durable than 14K gold.

      Bayam Jewelry offers a wide collection of real gold rings with versatile designs and patterns that are unique and appealing. It offers luxurious designs at reasonable prices much lower than the prices offered in traditional retail shops. One highlight of the Bayam gold ring collection is the two-finger gold nugget ring which offers a rich look for any grand event or occasion.

      Pick the right that suits your outfit for the day.