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Hip Hop "Bling Bling" Jewelry Trends

What Is Bling in Hip-Hop?

In the 1970s, the hip-hop era was born in the Bronx. Since then, it has had a significant social and cultural impact on fashion, hairstyle, and of course jewelry. Members of the hip-hop community, from rappers to breakdancers, have long used clothes and jewelry to express themselves: chunky chains, diamond pendants, hoop earrings, and bold rings were all part of their style. Even though the fashion trends have changed and grown alongside the music itself, their influence has remained the same.

Even today, rappers and hip-hop artists are wearing bold, flashy jewelry to express themselves and their success. These jewelry are also known as bling bling jewerly, or just “bling”; bigger the bling bigger the success. Although the term originated as a slang to describe this flashy jewelry, it has now become a fashion category that is now called hip-hop jewelry. 


History of Bling: Hip-Hop Jewelry

Hip-hop jewelry has become a separate fashion category, with gold chains being worn as a symbol of success, wealth, and accomplishment. Artists are often seen wearing chunky gold chains embedded in diamonds, with or without bold pendants. They can better market their image to their fans in this way. It may even be a personal reminder of the immense sacrifices made to succeed in the hip-hop industry.

In addition to riches, it indicates how far along they have progressed in life. They convey their personalities and fundamental convictions through their jewelry. Hip-hop culture is fundamentally based on the hustle culture, where people work nonstop for seven days straight, twenty-four hours a day, to attain their goals and succeed. Most rappers and hip hop musicians had challenging upbringings and experienced their fair share of career ups and downs. As a result, the bling jewelry is a constant reminder of the suffering and toil it took to get them to where they are now.

The pinnacle of hip-hop culture can be said to be represented by bling jewelry like gold chains. They flashily and ostentatiously display the artist's money, fame, and success.

Types of Hip Hop Jewelry

The primary characteristic of hip-hop jewelry is that it is typically composed of silver or gold and embellished with diamonds. However, bling jewelry or rappers jewelry isn't necessarily expensive. You should first be aware that it is mainly composed of silver or gold and embellished with diamonds. Bling jewelry that is reasonably priced but of good quality is often gold-plated and frequently contains Cubic Zirconia stones.

The most popular types of Hip Hop jewelry are:

Hip Hop Chains

Hip-hop chains exist in a variety of designs, compositions, and dimensions. The wonderful thing about these accessories is that there are so many different styles and colors to select from, like silver, gold, and iced-out. Hip hop bling chains show the world that you are fashionable, socially upstanding, and confident in how you carry yourself.

However, it is essential to ensure that you have a long enough link if you wish to add a pendant. Most chains are between 5 and 9 mm and 30 to 40 inches long. Cuban, box, rope chains, snake, or Franco chain styles are the most common in bling jewelry. The preferred genre of rapper chains may change depending on the wearer's type and swag.

Hip Hop Pendants

Hip-hop pendants, frequently worn by well-known rap singers, are the natural sparkle of your jewelry collection. Bling pendants can be anything from crosses to unique customized items or other random designs. Sizes and types vary; they can be made of gold or silver and contain precious stones or diamonds. Birthstones, though uncommon, are used as pendants in some instances. When purchasing a hip-hop pendant, remember that you should pick a longer chain. A chain of considerable length helps add versatility to your choice of pendant. Pendants showcase multiple things like your beliefs, faith, personality, motto, etc.


Bling Jewelry Trends You Can Follow!

Almost every hip-hop artist and rapper can be seen wearing bling. They use flashy, big pieces to showcase their significance in the world. With big necklaces, pendants, rings, and bracelets, rappers display wealth, fame, power, and success. If you are into bling accessories and want to step up your outfit game, here are a few hip-hop icons you can follow:

Lil Uzi

Lil Uzi has a unique taste in hip-hop jewelry and establishes his look. His preference is distinctive, as he frequently sports a spiked iced-out choker, bling on every finger, and facial bling-like piercings.

2 Chainz

2 Chainz should be on top of your list if you would like to be decked out in big necklaces and iced-out accessories. 2 Chainz adores his chains and frequently wears several pendants at once. He also has a high sense of style; therefore, his jewelry is typically worn with expensive designer hip-hop attire.

ASAP Rocky

ASAP Rocky is a famous hip-hop artist with a large following just for his apparel and fashion choices. His talent for hip-hop jewelry is unmatched. He favors a sleeker, more fashionable appearance but quickly wears gold bracelets and chains. ASAP Rocky is a fashion icon to emulate for individuals seeking a more understated hip-hop jewelry aesthetic. He always maintains it elegant, never going overboard with many chains or wearing multiple bracelets on a single hand.

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