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How to Choose a Ring Size for MenAugust 21, 2022 · TOM BAYAM

Ring Size Guide

Do you want to purchase a ring for yourself or a significant man in your life? Aside from understanding their stylistic preferences and their go-to type of ring, the ring size is a crucial consideration. Choosing the proper ring size is critical for ease of use and preventing it from getting lost. Fortunately, ring measurement for size is simpler than you would think. Before purchasing a new ring or upgrading an old one, you must first determine the size of your men’s finger. The blog will assist you in determining the correct ring size and provide some additional ring size guide information.


How to Measure Ring Sizes for Men

So you're trying to determine his ring size. Perhaps you'd want to find out the ring size in secret. Is it possible? Of course, yes. Here are three methods for determining his ring size!

Length and Width

Before you measure the length and width of ring size, keep the following in mind:

  • Think about the knuckle: If you think the knuckles are on the larger side, you will need a half-size larger than what the fingers alone indicate, or you won't be able to put the ring into the fingers.
  • Ensure accuracy by attempting many times: Because the size of your finger varies with temperature, it's suggested to measure ring size three to four times: It might be smaller when you're colder and larger when you're warm.

The width of a ring has no effect on its size or thickness, but it does affect how it appears on the finger. The broader the band, the shorter the finger. Wider bands may be a good alternative for guys who have bigger hands and lengthier fingers. A broader band, on the other hand, may not be appealing if his fingers are small or his hands are short.

Here are three common and easy methods for determining the ring size at home using a paper/string, ring size table, and an existing ring to obtain the correct ring sizes for men.

Table Chart Method:

There are several ring size chart for men available on the internet. A ring size conversion table can be found on several websites. Many online jewelry designers provide conversion charts in inches and millimeters to ring sizes. Look for those tables, and just bookmark the website so you can refer to it later.

Rows and columns in these tables will give measurements adjacent to ring sizes, allowing you to easily compare the diameter of your finger to conventional ring size. Such tables will assist you in determining the proper ring size for your men.

Paper/String Method:

You have to begin by cutting paper strips that are 4 inches long. Put the paper around the targeted finger's base and mark where it gets overlapped. The diameter of the finger equals the length of the paper in millimeters. After you've determined the measurement, use the conversion table to determine the ring size. Then, select a ring size from the ring size chart for men that falls between these measurements.

Existing Ring

If you currently have a ring that perfectly fits on your man's finger, you can measure the inside circumference of the ring with a ruler. Measure exactly across the interior of the ring from edge to edge with your ruler. Take a millimeter measurement, and then you can utilize the measurement table to determine the ring size. This method will make it easier for you to determine the exact ring size.

Additional Information On Sizing

If you're still worried about calculating the ring size, below are a few things to consider to confirm that the ring you pick is a perfect fit:

  • Purchase a larger ring: It is simpler to remove metal from a larger ring than to add metal to a smaller ring.
  • Shank size is important: Rings with broad shanks should be somewhat bigger because they will fit very tightly.
  • Beads: Simple gold balls can be put to the interior of an oversized ring to tighten it up and keep it from twisting on the finger. This is especially beneficial for those who have bigger fingers.
  • Weather and hour of the day: Fingers contract in the cold and expand in the heat. As a result, not only may a measurement made in the winter differ from one taken in the summer, but a measurement taken in the mornings can also vary from one taken in the afternoon as the temperature increases. Similarly, changes in temperature can affect a finger to expand or shrink.

What If I Order The Wrong Ring Size?

Don't be concerned if you find yourself in this situation. It is obvious that it's better to get the correct size to begin with, but don't worry; there are solutions. Let us talk about what can be done, where you could have miscalculated your partner's ring size, and what you should do if it has to be adjusted.

Jewelers are familiar with adjusting ring size to make it bigger or smaller. Because of the extra materials and the difficulty of the technique, sizing a ring is usually more costly. As a result, while measuring the ring, you should be able to slip it past your partner's knuckle; it's usually better to err on the side of too-large if you're guessing the ring size. In the least case, when the ring size is not fitting it can be adjusted from a jewelry shop nearby.

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