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How to Choose the Right Cuban Link Chain or Bracelet?February 17, 2023 · TOM BAYAM

When it comes to choosing a Cuban link chain or bracelet, there are many choices out there. From thick and durable pieces that can be handed down for generations, to delicate accents that complete your outfit for more formal occasions, the options available in this classic jewelry style can seem overwhelming. However, whether you opt for the luxurious look of sterling silver or need something strong enough to withstand regular use, we'll help you find the perfect piece with our tips on how to buy the right Cuban link chain or bracelet.

What is a Cuban Link Chain?

A Cuban link is a type of jewelry popular and sought after by celebs, fans, and class acts alike. The name is derived from a chainmail pattern commonly found in Cuba. There are different types of Cuban link bracelets and chains to choose from, but they have one common feature, they're built to last. This makes them ideal for making daily wear jewelry challenging to break and classy jewelry you'd want to wear only on special occasions. One of the prominent endorsers of Cuban Link fashion is OG celebs like Jay-Z and P. Diddy. Look for that unique piece of jewelry that turns heads so that you find the perfect choice for you.

Plain Cuban Link- Finding the Correct Width for You

The Cuban link bracelet width and the chain width are the first things that are visibly apparent, and they become the dictating factor. The width of the chain determines how chunky and overbearing it can look on your ensemble, whether it be a chain or a bracelet. Most chains range from 3mm to 19mm in Cuban link chain thickness, depending on how bold you want your fashion statement to be. Thicker chains are more daring and rebellious to look at, with more ground presence than you'd expect from a dainty-looking thinner chain. If you want to have a chain that is the power piece of your outfit, you want it to be thick. However, if you're looking for a muted presence and want other elements to shine with an understated look, go for a thinner chain.


Material- Pavé Cuban Link Chain Gold Color and Beyond

Cuban link chains are made from various materials; Bayam Jewelry offers chains in yellow, white, and rose gold, along with combinations of the three. Yellow gold is the go-to choice for the Cuban Link because of the class and the look it exudes. You can experiment with white and rose gold to stand out from the crowd. They are well-built and mechanically robust, often durable and low-maintenance.

It's a good idea to keep a material uniform throughout the chains, bracelets, and rings as they will look to complement each other well. When you keep different parts of the ensemble that don't match together, they would clash against each other to create more noise and constantly try to overshadow each other. The metal you choose will dictate the look, but the glamor comes from the craftsmanship put into making your Cuban link bracelet. While they are amazingly adaptable to different styles of dresses and various occasions, having an idea of how often you will use the piece can help you better decide on the chain material.

14K Cuban Link Chain Style- The Right Fit for Your Outfit

From a straightforward chain bracelet to something unique like a beaded or charm bracelet, you can always try different styles before committing to the one that feels the best for you. The most common chain and bracelet is the one that comes with a clasp, and the class is perfect for someone looking for a balance between looking stylish and functional. When looking for something flashy, try a beaded Cuban link bracelet; these are made with tiny beads that add a spark to your look. They are perfect for someone looking to layer one after another and balance it with another statement piece.

When looking for something truly unique, get a diamond-encrusted bracelet that gives you elegance and steals all the glances no matter which room you walk into. A Cuban chain and bracelet are the perfect match for someone trying to stand out from everyone trying too hard and failing. Finding the right combination of dresses and accessories that go well with a Cuban link is a breeze; a semi-colored shirt or a solid-colored shirt are perfect as they contrast them nicely. The neutral colors that bring the best out of gold are often in darker shades, like black and brown.

10K Cuban Link Chain Length- Balancing with the Pendant


The chain length is one of the most important things to consider when choosing the perfect Cuban link bracelet. While the options are endless, you don't want something to slip off and go missing or something so loose that it's making more noise than statements. The same applies to chains when you're matching them with other pieces. The length of an average Cuban link chain is anywhere from 45cm to 60cm. Since the chains are often thicker, it automatically becomes the statement piece effortlessly.

The one thing about Cuban chains is that they look great when they're long and heavy and are not meant to be a choker-style chain built too close to the neck. When you're wearing a t-shirt, the goal is to stay as far away from the color as possible. And when it's a bracelet you're buying, look at the other side of the hand and consider the watch and rings you wear. The ideal length of around 50 cm is perfect as that size adjusts itself and becomes the chain you need without you forcing it.

What to Complement and Match Your Cuban Chains with?

The other pieces of the ensemble fall into the puzzle once you decide about the Cuban link chain you want to have. They are versatile and match well with any other ornaments you want to create a set with, like earrings, bracelets, rings, and even regular wristwatches. You can create admiration when you head to the movies or outings by wearing multiple chains in a single outfit. Combining two or three chain links with different styles could also make a unique way to catch the attention.

Bayam: The One-spot Destination for All Your Cuban Link Needs

Now that you know how to choose the perfect balance of a Cuban link chain or bracelet, you can learn how to rock the latest trends by knowing yourself a little more. Keeping it simple or dressing up for the paparazzi, get something for all your needs with a place that understands who you are, a rock star. Click here to see Bayam’s unique options just for you!