How to Protect Gold Jewelry in Summer

How to Protect Gold Jewelry in Summer

Gold jewelry is a must during summer; whether we are sunbathing on the beach, sightseeing on holiday, or having some drinks during those long summer evenings, gold jewelry effortlessly elevates our summer outfits. But as the temperatures rise and summer approaches, it’s not just your skin that needs protection from the sun, but your gold jewelry too. Protecting gold jewelry is important to ensure it doesn’t tarnish and remains as bright and luxurious as the first day. So in this blog post, we will talk about some tips on how to protect your gold jewelry this summer and keep it tarnish-free.

Does Real Gold Tarnish?

Unfortunately, real gold jewelry can tarnish. Only 24K gold doesn’t tarnish as it is pure gold and doesn’t contain other metals. But because gold is a soft metal, it is prone to scratching and bending, and therefore, other metals are used in making jewelry to make it harder and more durable. As a result, 10K gold (which is 41.7% pure gold hardened with metal alloys made of silver, nickel, and iron) and 14K gold (which is 58.3% pure gold, mixed with silver, copper, and palladium alloy metals) may tarnish over time due to the use of other metals. So let’s look at how to protect your gold jewelry this summer.

Avoid Excessive Sunlight

We know there is nothing like the radiant allure of a stunning gold chain in the sunlight, but unfortunately, sunlight and heat can cause tarnishing. Regular activities in the sun shouldn’t be a big problem, but you should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, such as sunbathing, to protect your gold jewelry from potential damage. So make sure to avoid excessive sunlight in order to preserve your gold jewelry.

Remove Your Gold Jewelry Before Swimming

We know gold jewelry is a must for any beachwear but, unfortunately, chlorine and saltwater may tarnish gold. There is also the risk of losing your jewelry in the sea, which is enough to ruin your whole holiday. So make sure to remove any jewelry before swimming, including your stud earrings.

Avoid Chemicals

Products containing chemicals, such as sunscreens, shower gels, hair sprays, and perfumes, can also harm your jewelry. These substances can cause discoloration and damage to your gold jewelry, so be sure to remove your jewelry before using such products. You wouldn’t want sunscreen stuck on your stylish Nugget Ring or perfume stains on your Rope Chain, as they can detract from their beauty and brilliance. Avoiding harsh chemicals can help preserve the shine and integrity of your stylish pieces, ensuring they remain a stunning complement to your summer attire.

Clean Regularly

We are all human so it’s only natural that some of the above happens. That’s why it’s important to clean your gold jewelry regularly to remove residues that contribute to tarnishing. You don’t need to do anything over the top to clean your gold jewelry, just mix warm water with a few drops of mild dishwashing detergent and leave your gold jewelry in there for 5 minutes. After that, rinse your gold jewelry and allow it to air dry - simple!

Keep Your Gold Glowing with Bayam

Unlike imitation gold or plated gold jewelry that only lasts a season, real gold jewelry can be your summer companion for years to come. So whether you have a chunky Miami Cuban Link Chain or a minimalistic Mariner Link Bracelet, you should give the same care to each piece to ensure they remain as bright as the first day.

If you haven’t yet finalized your summer wardrobe, take a look at Bayam Jewelry to find the perfect pieces to complement your style. We offer a variety of real gold Chains, Necklaces, Pendants, Bracelets, Rings, and Earrings ranging from elegant, minimalist styles to bold, statement-making styles. With our exquisite selection of gold jewelry and these summer care tips, you can enjoy many seasons filled with sunshine and shimmering elegance.

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