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Most Sturdy Gold Chains

Top Sturdy Chain Types to Go For

The gold chain necklace is always considered a styling accessory for its long life and durability. It can sustain damage and is more resistant to breakage or rusting compared to other types of metals. Though many imitation pieces of jewelry are available in the market, one needs to add gold chain pieces into their jewelry collection that serves as daily wear for any occasion, be it a formal meeting or a party. It saves your time of going hunting for jewelry every time a piece of imitation jewelry gets worn out.

Over time, various designs and patterns of varying thickness and length have been introduced in gold chains to provide gold chain lovers with a wide range of options. But how do you pick out, from all the types of necklace chains, the one that can last long? It is essential to be familiar with the different types of chains and pay attention to intricate details to choose the stylish piece and the one you can count on for extra strength.

Gold jewelry can make or break your overall style, depending on your selection. In this article, you can explore the sturdier types of necklace chains and understand their differences to choose better durable ones that can serve you as a longtime accessory.

Understanding the Difference Between Solid and Hollow Chains

Solid or hollow chains with the same pattern, at first glance, look less different from each other. But as you deep dive into the minute details, you will get a better idea of how they vary in durability, level of comfort, and cost. Eventually, you can choose the one that suits your preferences by weighing all these factors.

As you would have figured out, strong chains with their volume and density are much heavier. As it is named, the hollow chain is hollow inside, which means less gold is used for its making. The space inside a hollow chain makes it lightweight, making it more prone to breakage and demands extra care. As less gold is used in hollow chains, they are much cheaper than solid chains.

You can always go for short solid chains that offer the best value for money. But one would need to understand the fact that with higher cost comes quality. When melted, solid chains are more valuable and have more resale value than hollow ones.


Factors That Determine the Durability of Gold Chains

Apart from design types, some other factors that contribute to the overall durability are:

  • The thickness of the chain: Thicker chains will be stronger and sturdier. Adding a pendant or locket to the chains can elevate the look further, and thicker chains can withstand heavy or big-sized lockets. The thickness of 6mm upto 12mm offers a good amount of strength to the chain and showcases prominent designs. The thickness of 2mm upto 6mm is ideal for starters to hold small pendants. Any gold chain thickness below 2 mm would break easily.
  • The metal type and density: The volume of metal used is a significant determiner for chains. The amount of gold used in a solid gold chain is more than in a hollow chain making them stronger and last longer. Undoubtedly gold is a durable metal and highly malleable. Its properties of conducting heat make it a flexible option for designing gold jewelry in different shapes and sizes. The lustrous shine that gold metal carries adds beauty to ornaments.
  • Chain link type: The chain link can play a significant role in its overall strength—some chains. Twisted oval links, round interlocked links, or links soldered with less gap between them are way more robust when compared to bead chain types, herringbone, or snake chains. Such chains are challenging to repair if they break since they must be soldered with an extra amount of metal. Link types can be repaired easily by replacing the damaged link. The different types of necklace chains will have different chain link types.
  • Soldering: Smaller links mean the soldering thickness will be minimum. Strong soldering supports the chain from breaking due to bend or twist. More extensive or thicker links will usually be soldered with extra gold for strengthening the links to stay together.
  • Chain-making expertise: Chain makers who are experienced in the field know the art and craftsmanship of making the best gold chains. They will be aware of the factors discussed above and design a sturdy gold chain of your choice accordingly.

Reasons to Choose Solid Gold Chains from Different Types of Chains


Choosing a solid gold chain is always better if you plan on versatile styling options. Solid chains are best for statement-making and easy wear. If you plan to add a pendant made of heavy stone, you would not want to be doubting now and then when it would break. Unlike hollow chains, solid chains can be well-maintained since there are fewer chances for dirt to get stuck in the hollow spaces. Some of the reasons why you should be choosing solid gold chains from different types of necklace chains are:

  • When you want to style it with pendants or lockets
  • When you want to use a gold chain as a daily wear
  • If you are looking for a cost-effective way to own durable gold jewelry
  • Fewer cycles for periodical cleaning


Metal: Real 10K Gold

Weight: 0.08 grams/per inch

Width: 1 to 7 MM

Length: All weights are written in 24” version, the weight will change depending on the size you choose.

Bail/Clasp: Lobster Claw Clasp

Solid Chains Types: Your Ultimate Option for Durability

Fashionistas always have an eye for shiny and sleek designs. Solid chains’ sturdiness doesn’t keep them from being stylish or classy. Among all the types of gold chains, solid chains have variable options for designs while maintaining the chain’s strength. Explore the different types of chains as mentioned below:

Solid Curb Chains

Solid curb chains are the conventional type of solid chain. With equally-sized links interlocked, the chain is soldered with links made fine with an even thickness of around 1-2 mm and laid flat. The links are twisted to interlock together to form the length of the chain. The thicker the chains are, the stronger they will be to withstand breaking due to tugging or pulling, and solid curb chains are known for their break resistance. These types of necklace chains can be used for daily wear as well.

Solid pave curb chains are mainly built with white gold or yellow gold, to constitute the metal pieces. A pave chainset comprises many small gemstones set closely together with tiny metal pieces. The tiny metal beads in the individually welded/soldered links holding the beads give the illusion of a uniform pattern throughout the chain. When you take a closer look, you may notice that the surface of the gold chain forms bubble-like patterns.

Solid Figaro Chain

Solid Figaro Chains form a repetitive pattern with two or three small round or oval links followed by a long, oval-shaped link. This pattern repeats throughout the chain, and the links are hammered to lay flat and for uniform thickness. The links are finally soldered with lobster clasps for easy locking and unlocking features.

Figaro chains look similar to curb chains. But the difference between the Figaro and curb chains is in the elongated oval-shaped link after the three same-sized links. This feature makes Figaro chains unique in their pattern and ensures maximum strength with varied-sized links. Both Curb chains and Figaro chains are available in diamond cut, a style adopted for chains notches in the links to add an extra shine by reflecting the light. These chains vary as long as 30 inches and as short as 20 mm.

Solid pave figaro chains come with gemstones held by small pieces of metals along the base. Tiny beads of metals hold the gems together. The design of these chains consists of repetitive oval links. All the links are fabricated with tiny gemstones along their outlines or joints which form the interlock. It is good to be worn alone if the gold chain thickness is more. If the thickness of the chain is less, it can be paired well with a pendant, and it looks more unique. It is a kind of chain that suits all kinds of styles or outfits.

Solid Mariner

Mariner chains are considered the most robust of all chains due to their well-built design. Soldered with oval-shaped links with a horizontal bar connecting the two sides of the link in the middle, a solid mariner gold chain will never fail to impress. The interconnecting bar keeps the links from twisting and makes it tangle-free. The links are built with an overall thickness of 2mm to 10mm with lobster claw clasps to give the final finish. Bayam jewelry offers mariner chains of varying lengths from 16” to 24” made of 10K gold to meet your custom needs.

Choosing the Perfect Gold Chain for All Occasions

Be it Curb, Mariner, or Figaro, choosing the proper gold chain requires you to consider many factors. The length, thickness, and the kind of links used, all make up an excellent sturdy chain. Any style can add confidence to you, whether styling a chain with a pendant or layering with multiple chains. But the overall confidence finally lies in the quality of your chain and knowing fully well that it will be strong enough to support any design pattern or occasion you choose. Pick your look from different types of necklace chains.

Bayam Jewelry offers an extensive collection of the best quality sturdy chains at affordable prices. Your hunt for the perfect gold chain can end here, with our offer for a 30-day free return policy and a 40-day money-back guarantee. Visit us to browse through our finest collection with a hallmarked guarantee!

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