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      Herringbone Necklace

      Looking for a stylish chain that's been worn since ancient times? The Herringbone Chain by Bayam can be found in many jewelry chains and even textiles and now, back by popular demand as a fashionable and flattering choice.

      • Luxury 10K Gold chain necklace
      • Easily adjusted from 15"–20" and worn at 16."
      • A sleek contemporary look
      • Delicately crafted and finished

      The Timeless Herringbone Chain that Goes with Everything

      Bringing a simplistic and stylish appearance with intricate details, the Herringbone Necklace can be worn by both women and men regularly!

      3 mm to 7mm High Polished Herringbone Necklace Chain 10k Solid Yellow Gold

      The high polished real gold Herringbone Chain necklace from our solid chain collection is a popular choice amongst all ages. This chic-designed and elegant piece provides you that sleek and stylish look anytime you desire. It gives you that sleek and stylish look to feel your best whenever you want!

      The Herringbone chain is available in 3mm to 9mm in length. There are various style options to choose from but the classic style is timeless so it’s always a great choice. Take a look at our modern-day collection to pick your favorite style.