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Best Chain Length for Men

What chains are cool for men?

Men have a range of varieties to choose from when it comes to gold chains. Gold chains are one fashion accessory that lifts the confidence of men by improving their overall appearance. Whether traveling, chilling on vacation, or even for a formal gathering, choosing the suitable chain can provide the rich look you are looking for. Choose heavy hollow gold chains for casual shirts and trousers and upgrade your outlook for a perfect holiday. For instance, you can choose a thin franco chain to match your formal suit wear.

Types of cool chains

A cable chain is a famous chain necklace that creates a statement for men. It's created oval links interconnected with each other. Curb chains are made of flat links that interlock for anyone who wants to go for a modern look. Mariner chains are another option, with oval links having a horizontal bar in the middle. Figaro chains with flat oval links or rope chains with twisted links offer incredible strength for hanging pendants and lockets.

Whichever fashion you go for or the type of chain you select to go with your outfit, the size of the chain must coordinate with your look. Read to know how to select the best chain length for men by considering different factors.

What is a good chain length for men?


There are no hard and fast rules for selecting the best length for a men's chain, as long, medium, and short chains are used interchangeably. However, to go with the trend and make it more appealing, it is better to go with the general thumb rule. Most times, a 20-inch chain length is chosen by men that typically fall at the collar bone. Different chain lengths with equal differences can be chosen for a layered look if multiple chains are worn.

With respect to men's gold chains, 20 inches Is the average length of 50CM. This size falls at the collarbone and below the top buttons of a shirt. If you're wearing a pendant, choose a chain between 22 inches and 25 inches. It will come up between 55CM to 63 so that the pendant falls right at your chest.

What mm chain should men wear?

If you are looking for an answer to the question of which is the best length for a men's chain, there is no one specific chain length. Varying chain lengths are used for different outfits and different occasions. Considering 20 inches as the average length, let's look at other popular lengths for men's chains.


35-45 CM (14-18") – simple and elegant with dresses of plain color and no prints

Average length

50-55 CM (20-22") – an average size that can slip inside or outside according to your convenience.

55-61 CM (22-24") – falls right in the middle of the chest and can go inside or outside the shirt.


61-76 CM (24-30") – worn outside of the shirt to make a fashion statement with much greater thickness and heavy pendants

Chain thickness can also vary with different lengths:

2-6 MM is the average thickness to start with to ensure that the thickness doesn't overpower the chain designs. Standard chain thicknesses are:

1-6 MM –Standard thickness for most men's necklaces that can easily be slipped inside your shirt.

6-10 MM – strong enough to hold pendants and chains outside your shirt.

10-x MM – extraordinarily large that catches anyone's attention.

How long should a men's gold chain be?

Gold chains are a simple but versatile accessory that all men can use as style options. Sizes can be confusing, given that short and long chains are still in fashion. Determining the ‘best length for men's gold chain’ depends significantly on the outfit and the number of chains you choose to wear. It would be easier to keep the size chart of different chain necklace lengths for men in mind before purchasing one. The starting size of chain lengths is 18 inches and goes upto 36 inches. The significant difference in the standard lengths means that you have different choices or do not worry about choosing a customized size that suits you. There are enough length variations that are possible for almost everyone to choose from.

For instance, a man who is around 6″ in height, wearing a medium-sized t-shirt, can wear a standard 20-inch necklace. But, if you're less than 5'5" in height and 18 inches or less will be a suitable size to wear. If you have broad shoulders, it's ideal to go for a 22-inch chain to make it look aesthetically appealing. The average length for a men's chain is 20 inches. It is worn with a round neck or a v-neck shirt and won't disturb the collar. The chain will fall below the first button if you're wearing a collared shirt.

Gold chains at 24 inches or above are long on most men. The longer your top outfit is, the less space the chain takes up on your body, making the overall look odd. That is why chains between 20 and 24 inches are ideal for long tops and pendants. Generally, a 22-inch chain seems slightly longer than the average 20-inch chain.

Another doubt that most people will have is if the thickness of a chain affects its length. Generally, men's chain necklaces are designed so that the chain is thinner, the length will be, and vice versa. You can choose between different lengths: a long chain as long as 28″ and the smallest one to be 20 inches long with the same thickness. Usually, 28-inch chains will be thinner than 18" -20" chains.

When it comes to deciding the size with body type, it is never complicated. Slim men can go for chains with thicknesses between 1 MM and 4MM, while men with broad features can go for thicker chain alternatives.

Bayam jewelry has a whole range of collections with the ‘best chain length for men's necklace’ that will amuse you and that are long-lasting. Take a tour of the latest designs and see what suits your preference in the chain collection that is captivating. Get in touch with us regarding any queries about our gold jewelry products, and we will assist you.

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