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Curb Chains

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Curb chain becomes one of the most trendy types of all chains. Offering a wide range of designs in different sizes, they set the benchmark for modern-day necklaces. The hip-hop culture has set the curb chain as a fashion statement, and there’s no looking back. A popular choice under the class of solid chains, a curb chain comes in different varieties depending on their designs, such as the rounded curb, open curb, or closed curb. These chains are flattened with twisted loop patterns that give you a classy look to go with any attire. Pair them with a round-neck t-shirt or collared shirt to make them stand out.

How is a Curb Chain designed?

A curb chain is crafted from a round wire cut to equal sizes forming small loops, then twisted and interlocked to create links between each loop. The loops may be of uniform shape or small loops followed by larger ones to form a repetitive pattern until it forms a chain. The loops are fastened to a lobster claw clasp.

Adding Lustrous Pieces to Jewelry Collection

Bayam Jewelry offers a whole set of Miami curb chain collections with 10kt real gold. Check out the product details to find the chain of your choice