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What Does Hollow Gold Mean?

Hollow gold refers to gold that has an empty interior rather than being solid. This means that the gold has a thin wall and a space inside, making it lighter in weight compared to solid gold of the same size. Hollow gold is often used for making jewelry, such as chains and rings, which you can find in a range of collections at Bayam. Since it allows for more intricate designs and is more comfortable for the wearer, it is one of the best alternatives to solid jewelry.

A hollow gold chain is a type of jewelry made of gold but has a space wrapped around with gold rather than solid links connected. The technique makes the chain lighter in weight compared to a solid gold chain of the same size, which can be more comfortable for you to wear. Hollow gold chains are often less expensive than reliable gold chains of the same size and style because they use less gold. However, they can also be less durable and more prone to damage due to their structure. As a result, it is essential to take care of a hollow gold chain and avoid exposing it to harsh conditions that could cause it to break or become damaged.

Solid vs. Hollow Gold Rope Chains

For someone who just began exploring their personal style, chains can be their perfect accessory. A chain necklace can be a base jewelry, then you can try different styles by layering it with different pieces, and evaluate the depth each additional piece brings to your outfit. Of course, your first step is to decide which chain you prefer: a solid chain or a hollow one.

Solid Chains

Solid gold chains are made so that they are completely filled with gold. They are not guaranteed to be 100% pure gold or 24K because the material lacks mechanical strength. Solid chains have 9K to 22K gold; depending on the need and style, they are molded into shapes. Gold-filled gold chains, also called rolled gold chains, come under this category. The chains are made by blending gold sheets into a base metal like silver chains; the price and quality of gold are considerably less than solid gold chains.

Hollow Chains

Hollow chains have hollow centers that make the chain look like a tube when laid on a flat platform. This drastically changes the requirements of making a chain because the intricate care in designing and creating pays off with a lighter-weighing chain. While it saves gold for the manufacturer, it is lighter on the buyers' wallet.

How to differentiate between solid and hollow gold chains?



Solid gold chains feel heavier and sturdier when you hold them against the hollow chains. The design of the chains allows them to experiment with larger-looking rope styles without involving the amount of weight in gold you'd expect from the design.


Solid chains are costlier than hollow chains because they need more gold than hollow ones. Prices of chains vary on a lot of factors like size, quality, and design, along with the current value of gold in the market.


The gaps and air between the designs mean the hollow gold chain is not as mechanically sound as the solid chain is. Since you're less likely to hit your jewelry or do anything mechanically straining on the chain, save the money and invest in hollow chains that don't break the bank.


Authenticity and assurance don't come from a word of promise but come from a hallmark of authority. Look for the certifications of either KDM or 916 mark before buying a piece of jewelry, and ask and verify from your jeweler if you can't find it.


Know your style and match it to the trend. The fashionability of a chain depends on the confidence it gives you when it's on your outfit. When investing in jewelry, find the right balance between class and trend to cherish something in the long run.

Why Should You Choose Hollow Gold Jewelry?

The light construction of the jewelry doesn't weigh you down, even if you are mixing and matching different combinations of chains. The weightless styles are evergreen and add a touch of class to any outfit you want to wear them with. Earring styles like studs, hoops, and hangings always look good and won't weigh down your earlobe. 

If you have been styling yourself to match the trends, you know that stackable jewelry has been on the uptrend over the last few seasons. Stacking multiple bangles and matching it with a purse or a clutch or a laptop bag in your hands, for the sake of not overburdening your wrist, choose a simple hollow gold bangle and you will see how much more comfortable it feels than wearing heavy jewelry. You can stack multiple rings and bracelets on your hands without feeling like you're lifting weights in a gym through hollow gold jewelry. By saving on the price through the lighter design, you can add variety to your jewelry range by investing in more than one type of chain.

Bayam: Your Jewelry Shop For Chic Style

Jewelry has an intimate connection to the one who's wearing them. In a world where impressions are made on a whim and stay forever, look your best no matter what dress you wear. With an understanding of what you want and whether you're getting what you're searching for, find the right places first. Bayam hollow gold collection jewelry has a vast range of expressive accessories. The hollow chains come in different styles of links, like the Figaro, Cuban, and Monaco rings. Ranging from 1 mm to 6 mm in thickness, the chains suit you for every occasion you plan for without hassle. The round box link jewelry is one of the rigid links in the industry that Bayam offers. If there's a time that you were waiting for to hop on the trend, it is now. Visit our site to know more.

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