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      Round Box Chain

      Sturdy and robust, round box chains are your saver for everyday use. They are designed to be worn with party wear and comfort wear equally. Women can pair box chains with a pendant for styling their lovely short gown or partywear dress. Men can style their formal shirt by pairing a round box chain with a similarly-designed round box bracelet.

      Round Box Chain of Varying Sizes

      Handcrafted in 10k yellow gold, round box chains come in various sizes under the hollow chain collection. The standard weight of the chains vary with the variation in lengths.

      Long-lasting to Suit Your Everyday Needs

      Thick round box chains are strong and won’t break easily compared to the thinner ones. But if you want to go for a lightweight option, thin box chains can offer a more sophisticated look with office wear. The diamond-cut yellow gold pieces are durable and maintain a shiny finish.

      Materials used include a lobster claw clasp that is fastened to the chain providing a safety lock feature. Square links are attached to form the chain instead of the typical round links used in other chains like the rope chain or the Figaro chain.