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What is a Curb Link Chain?

The curb link chain is a fashion accessory commonly sought after by fashionistas, primarily because of its shine and sleek designs. Solid curb chains are sturdy, but that doesn't affect their style or class. Among all the types of gold chains, curb chains have variable options such as rounded curb, square curb, and so on. This article gives you a chance to explore more about curb link chains and have a better understanding of them.

What does curb mean on a chain?

Curbs are links used to create a chain necklace by interconnecting many pieces. A gold curb link chain is created with conventional designs consisting of equally-sized curb links interlocked. The chain is created by soldering flat curb links with an even thickness of around 1-2 mm and laid flat. The length of the chain is formed by twisted curb links interlocked repeatedly. Curb link chains are made with varying thicknesses according to the requirement. Thicker and sturdy chains withstand breakage, strong tugs or pulls, and the weight of a pendant. Thin chains can demonstrate minimal designs and a simplistic look for a plain outfit.

So what is a curb link chain? A curb link chain is crafted using curb links. The links are formed by cutting a round wire to equal sizes and twisted to form small loops called curbs. These curbs are then twisted and interlocked to create a link pattern between each loop. The shape of the loops may be uniform or non-uniform, depending on the designs the jeweler wants to make. Non-uniform shapes consist of loops of different sizes in a specific pattern. The loops are fastened using a lobster claw clasp.

Solid pave curb chains are constituted of white gold or yellow gold. A pave curb link chain set comprises many small gemstones and metal links. The gemstones are soldered or welded into tiny metal beads that give the visual illusion of a uniform pattern in the chain. The beads are formed together to give a bubble-like pattern to the surface of the chain.


Is the curb link the same as the Cuban link?

Understanding the difference between curb link and Cuban chain is an essential thing to know if you are going after choosing gold chains. Both these chains are a perfect choice for someone looking to grow and build their jewelry collection.

While considering curb chain vs Cuban link, one prominent feature that stands out is that the curb link is long-lasting and lies flat on your chest because 0f the flat links. Though both curb and Cuban link necklaces sit flat on your chest outwardly, curb chains have more flat oval-shaped links. On the other hand, Cuban chains have rounder links with thick walls, making them chunkier. Read to know the differences between a curb or Cuban link chains:

Link Density

Curb link chains are loosely packed, while Cuban chain links have more tightly packed links. The linked walls of curb chains are more refined and flat, meaning the chains are lighter than Cuban chains. Chain link density directly impacts the necklace flexibility and movement. More the density, the tighter the links will be. As a result, the flexibility of the chain will be less as the chain links get tighter.


Since Cuban link chains are chunkier, they are significantly heavier than curb link necklaces. For instance, a 10K yellow gold 10.5 MM 18" cuban chain will weigh around 28.62 grams (1.59 grams/Per inch), while a 10K yellow gold 10.5 MM 18" curb chain will weigh 46.36 grams (2.57 g/In).


Less link surface area means more surface area to reflect light and that is why curb chains have an extra shine when compared to cuban chains. It does not mean that Cuban link chains are but only that the luster is less. The diamond cut also shapes the loops making the curb chains reflect light for adding to the shine factor.

How do you wear a curb chain?


Curb chains are the most trendy type of all chains, offering a wide range of styles and designs for traditional and modern-day outfits. Having gained popularity under the class of all solid chains, a curb chain with twisted loop patterns matches any classy or funky look for any attire you choose to wear. The hip-hop culture was known to have prominently set curb chains as a fashion statement, and it became a signature look to add curb chains to their hip-hop outfits.

Pair a curb chain with a round-neck t-shirt, and you are set for a casual party or get-together. It's a misconception that curb chains can only suit a casual outfit but try styling a thin curb chain with a collared shirt, and you are good to go for a formal meeting or presentation. Styling a curb link chain requires one to note the intrinsic style and design to match the outfit. These gold chains for men make attractive pieces to enhance their appearance and confidence and highlight their unique features. Style a curb chain by adding a custom pendant if you want to add richness to your look.

Even if you select chunkier Cuban links, rest assured, as they won't irritate your skin or tug at your clothes. Their sleek appearance and chain thickness are perfect as short or longer pieces for a layered look. An average length of 22 inches will fall on your chest and below the first button if it is a button-down shirt.

Upgrade your style quotient with a curb link chain

Curb link chain is a classic chain that is a must-have for every stylish man. It is the perfect chain to have in your collection as it is guaranteed to complement any outfit, whether it is casual or formal. At Bayam Jewelry, we have a variety of curb link chains with different sizes and lengths, so you can find the perfect style for yourself. And whatever your gold preferences, yellow, white, rose -or a mix of all- we have it all. So explore our Curb Link Chains Collection today and find the perfect chain that will elevate your everyday style.

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