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What is the Meaning of Herringbone Chain?

Herringbone Chain, also known as the Snake Chain, is one of the most popular chain styles due to its unique and elegant style. But how did this popular pattern come into existence and what is the best way to wear and look after the Herringbone Chain? In this post, we will give a brief introduction about the origins and design of the Herringbone Chain, its current use, and how to look after it.


The Origins

The herringbone structure goes back centuries and was found to be used in Ancient Roman construction and in Ancient Egyptian textiles. It is still a very popular pattern not only in tiles and flooring, but also in jewelry. It became a popular chain style in the 70s and 80s that was used as a way of self-expression.

The Design of the Herringbone Chain

Herringbone Chain is a classic style featuring flat chain links parallel to each other, resembling the bones of the herring fish. It is a flexible chain and its ability to lie flat means it takes the shape of the wearer’s neck, making it the perfect chain to wear on its own for an elegant look.

It can be found in different materials and lengths, but at Bayam Jewelry, our Herringbone Chains are made with 10K or 14K gold, and you can choose sizes between 3 mm and 18 mm in width, and between 16” to 24” in length, so that your Herringbone Chain looks exactly how you want it.

A Timeless Piece

Herringbone Chain is a classic piece and a timeless symbol of elegance. They are simple yet stylish and effortlessly elevate any outfit. You can wear it during the day to add a touch of elegance to your casual outfit, or during the night for a sophisticated look.

How to Look After Your Herringbone Chain

Herringbone Chain’s flat links make it a more delicate chain compared to other chains. Due to their delicate nature, Herringbone Chains are prone to kinks and bends so you should handle them with extra care.

When putting on or taking off your Herringbone Chain, handle it with care and avoid holding the chain itself. You should avoid sleeping with your Herringbone Chain or storing it in a jewelry box with other jewelry, so that it doesn’t kink or bend. When you are not wearing your Herringbone Chain, hang it up or lay it flat. We recommend you avoid pendants as the pendants tend to twist and turn, and may kink the chain.

Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to untangle a Herringbone Chain. Even if you manage to untangle it and get it flat again, it is likely that your Herringbone Chain will be weaker, and the tangled spot will be more fragile and prone to be tangled again.


Herringbone Chain is a minimalistic, timeless piece. It is the perfect choice for everyday wear; they can be dressed up or down but either way are guaranteed to add a touch of style to your outfit. It is a great piece to add to your jewelry collection as it never goes out of style.

So take a look at our Herringbone Chains and find a chain as unique and stylish as yourself.

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