Which Is Better, A Thick Gold Chain or A Skinny Gold Chain?

Which Is Better, A Thick Gold Chain or A Skinny Gold Chain?

A Thick Gold Chain or A Skinny Gold Chain? Which Is Better?

A gold chain is a versatile jewelry accessory in many sizes and styles. When it comes to a chain, it's not just about looks. It is also about durability and how it wears over time. A lot can depend on what you choose while making the purchase. Do you want a skinny chain that looks light and simple or a thick gold chain that might take the attention away from the pendant you might consider? The options to choose from are plenty, but the process can depend on your style, the outfits you usually like to wear, and how you'd like to present yourself. 

No formal dress is complete without a few accessories to make it pop. A wooden bowtie, a lovely lapel pin, or an exciting belt or suspenders make the whole outfit look right, but agold chain adds a dimension that makes it look much better. Thicker chains look right when you're wearing them outside in informal attire. Thinner chains are the way to go for a simple look accentuation with a bit of razzle dazzle on your formals.

designs you select have a lot to dictate how strong a particular chain can be. The links are designed to make them strong enough to sustain a few accidental pulls and carry the pendant that you might want to match it with. However, when you choose 24K gold, you might face a few problems. Gold is a soft metal, and when the purity is very high, like in 24K gold, about 99.6%; the purer, the higher the chances of jewelry snapping. Thicker gold chains might be preferred for their durability for that reason. 

What Is A Suitable Thickness For A Chain?

Finding the perfect thickness for your chain takes a bit of trial and error. Understanding what you're looking for helps you get there much faster than trying to shop with no outfit or where you'd be going in mind. For a little bit of everything- formal, informal, and otherwise- you may choose a sub-6mm piece. For example, a shiny suit and tie would look really out of place with a thick 12mm chain on top, and if you're wearing it underneath your shirt, what would be the point in buying it for the occasion?

Everyone looks for versatility, and you might want to wear chains under the shirt when you're in official meetings with your boss. You can consider going for askinny gold chain when such scenes are regular. When you want to go casual, you can unbutton the top 2 buttons to get the perfect informal look. Wearing a chain over 6mm thickness should ideally mean you're going for a complete casual look. Wear it with a dark polo T-shirt, as that would make your "statement" piece look eye-catching and classy. You can tweak a bit with the size and length of the chain to suit your style, casual or formal. The most common thickness has to be in the 1-2mm range. Another standard size is the 3-6mm range; as the thickness rises, the price is higher because more gold is used in making them.

For ease of imagination, compare a 2mm chain with the thickness of an earphone wire, and a 6mm chain would be just as thick as a pencil.

Gold Chain Types

The type of link and chain will help you decide the kind of chain you want much easier than the overall length and strength of the chain. A thick or thin chain is made by soldering the right amount of gold into the shape and style desired. Some thinner but technically strong chains are made from perfect solderings, like the Figaro, rope and box chains. At the same time, a particular design might need thickness to support the structure and make it strong, like the herringbone, snake, and bead chains. Let's take a brief look at them and understand how they are different from each other.

  1. Figaro Chains: They are one of the most delicate designs in chains and are heavily reliable to be strong, light, or heavy. They are suitable for younger people who are also new to handling jewelry.
  2. Rope Chains: They are unique and very different from other chains as they are made by twisting two pieces of metal together in an intertwining fashion. Due to their complexity, they might be hard to repair, but a thicker rope chain is always notably durable.
  3. Box Chains: They are a kind of chain that looks like a bunch of box shapes collapsing on each other; the design is mechanically sound, and they are renowned for their ease of handling a pendant. It's perfect for a thin gold chain.
  4. Herringbone Chains: Flat and thin appearance is one of the unique characteristics of a herringbone chain, especially the chains that are made conventionally. They lack mechanical stability and durability as they are prone to kink.
  5. Snake Chains: They are made of scales that fold into each other; in light, they create dazzling shimmers. But the intricate design makes it hard to repair when something goes wrong; they don't have a support mesh or a wire for them to build on top of. The design itself is in such a way that it makes it prone to damage. 
  6. Bead Chains: A bead chain contains balls connected by bars, making it weaker than other golden chains. It's also worth mentioning that bead chains are delicate by design. For these reasons, going as thick as possible when shopping for them is safer.

Chain Thickness Depends on The People's Height

Choosing a chain can be tricky, but learning what would look best on you and selecting the right fit is more effortless. If you're a short person (below 5' 4"), go with a 16 to 20-inch size with a 2-6mm range, as anything beyond the ranges might overwhelm the look and make the chain look clunky. Those of average height, between (5' 4" to 5' 11") have the best choice as they can choose from a wide variety depending on what they want. In contrast, taller people (above 6') should stick to wearing longer chains with a higher thickness.

At Bayam, take your game to the next level and get the chains that stay with you through thick and thin with the options to choose between thick and thin chains. Find the perfect match for your style and attitude at our store.

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