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      10K Chains

      Chains are a great accessory to style up any outfit. At Bayam Jewelry, we take into account different personal styles when creating our jewelry, so you can find the chain that reflects your personality. This is why our 10K Chains are perfect for your everyday style.

      10K gold chain contains lesser amount of gold compared to 14K. It is 41.7% pure gold hardened with metal alloys, but the higher proportion of hard metals makes it more durable than 14K gold chains. It is a stylish and durable alternative to 14K chains that offers the same allure at a lower cost.

      We offer a variety of styles of 10K gold chains for men in yellow, white, and rose gold including Herringbone Chain, Mariner Link Chain, Figaro Link Chain, and many more. Our chains are available in different sizes of width depending on style so that your chain looks exactly how you want it. You can choose a thinner chain for an elegant look, or a thicker chain for a bold look.

      Our best-selling Rope Chain Necklace is a classy piece that will elevate any outfit by offering a touch of refinement. For a bolder look, our Men’s Monaco Chain Miami Cuban Link Chain Necklace is guaranteed to showcase your bold personality and style. For a bit more bling, our Men's Miami Cuban Royal Link Diamond Cut Chain Necklace will add a touch luxury to your style.

      You can also create a stacked look by combining different chains for a bolder look. So take a look at our 10K Chains Collection and find the perfect chain that showcases your unique style.