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      Reflect Your Personality with Animal Pendants

      Do you have a spirit animal? Perhaps you are a lion with strength and leadership, an owl with wisdom, or a horse with freedom. If you believe in the symbolism of animals, believe they bring luck and fortune, or simply like them for aesthetic reasons, we have plenty of Animal Pendant options for you.

      Made with 10K and 14K gold, our Animal Pendants are available in a variety of styles ranging from simple, minimal designs to glamorous, diamond or ruby designs.

      For a simple but meaningful look, our Black Enamel Panther Head with Red Eyes Pendant is perfect for everyday style. For a unique look, our Snake Dragon Pendant is a classy piece that is guaranteed to elevate your outfit. For a bit more bling, our Shark Pendant with cubic zirconia stones will make you stand out from the crowd.

      Each Animal Pendant is a distinctive, captivating piece that is not only beautiful, but also meaningful. So take a look at our Animal Pendants Collection to find the pendant that reflects your personality. If you want a chain for your pendant, explore our Men’s Chains Collection and Women’s Chains Collection to find the perfect match.