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      Gold Byzantine Bracelets

      Want to make first impressions? Byzantine bracelets are a total go-to for adding to your gold jewelry collection. Byzantine jewelry has been symbolic ever since the Byzantine empire began in 330. The Roman and Greek beliefs greatly impacted Byzantine culture in the field of art and jewelry. The designs of Byzantine jewelry are inspired by the pieces worn by Byzantine royalty.

      Byzantine Bracelets: Keeping Traditions Alive

      Byzantine craftspeople have already set a mark by creating a unique style of jewelry that sets the base of every Byzantine jewelry design. Goldsmiths use various techniques to produce different Byzantine patterns, like motifs on gold. Repetitive intricate patterns embossed on gold highlight Byzantine jewelry, especially in bracelets. The exquisite craftwork of the designs makes the century-old tradition of Byzantine jewelry stand out. A unique style of jewelry that utilizes the splendor of various places around the world, such as Egypt, Greece, the Middle East, and Russia, is the primary reason you should own Byzantine bracelets

      Bayam's Byzantine bracelets will never fail to impress you with versatile additions and sleek designs. The ‘Monaco chain square Byzantine royal link CZ’ lock bracelet and the 'hollow 10mm classic Byzantine chain link bracelet’ Senora clasp real 10K and 14K yellow gold are some examples.