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      Show your faith with a stunning Gold Cross Chain

      A cross-chain is not just a religious accent piece, but it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry that speaks class and fashion sense to the one who wears it. Cross chains for men have been sliding off the racks in recent years, no matter what religion the one who wears them belongs to. 

      • 10K cross pendants: 10K mens gold cross and chain is the most popular combination in the industry because many prefer their jewelry to last long and be lighter on the wallet.
      • 14K cross pendants: 14K is the real gold cross chain that oozes class and gives you a finish that lasts a long time and the balance of staying at the center all the time. 
      • Yellow gold cross pendants: Yellow gold is the original color you know as gold; it’s classy and evergreen. Yellow gold cross chains and pendants have been in the market for a long time; they stay relevant because they’re always in style.
      • Yellow white gold cross pendants: Yellow white gold is a distributed mix of yellow and white strips of gold. White gold is made from a mixture of gold, silver, palladium, and chromium. 

      Cross Chain and Pendant: Why Should You Own One? 

      The jewelry offered by Bayam has all the things you’d expect from a cross-chain:

      • A diamond cut accentuates the bling and spark in the jewelry piece.
      • Pave design that makes the gems studded in the cross look bigger and brighter.
      • Plain chain design that helps in balancing the pendant and keeps it on you at any time.
      • 2 tone finish makes it look trendy, current, and alive when worn on clothes of your choice.
      • A shiny look that grabs everyone’s attention to make you the stand-out person with the stand-out style game. 

      A wide range of options are available: sizes as small as 1” in width and 16” in length to 3” in width and 26” in length. There are many options to choose from a place that cares about you most; click here to find the piece of jewelry that calls out to you.