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      Gold Egyptian Pendants

      Explore the captivating history and rich cultural heritage of Egypt with our Egyptian Pendants. Made with 10K and 14K yellow, white, and rose gold, we offer a variety of Egyptian Pendants with different figures from ancient Egypt who carry different symbolisms.

      Our best-selling Pharaoh Egyptian King Diamond Cut Pendant is a piece that showcases the the power and authority of ancient Egyptian rulers, who were considered to be the intermediary between the Egyptians and God, so it’s perfect for leaders.

      Our Egyptian Queen Nefertiti Head Diamond Cut Pendant not only showcases the beauty of Nefertiti but also her power and influence as one of the most important women in ancient Egypt. She is also associated with the sun so it’s a perfect gift for the woman in your life who is your sun.

      For something a bit more different, our Anubis Ancient Egyptian God of the Dead Pendant is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. As a symbol of death, Anubis would guide the dead to the underworld, ensure they are justly judged, and protect their graves from evil, so it’s perfect for those who are fair protectors.

      Whether you choose a pendant based on its symbolism or design, each unique piece is guaranteed to showcase your personality and elevate your style. So explore our Egyptian Pendants Collection and find the perfect piece to make a statement.