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      Experience Elegance with Bayam's Figaro Bracelet Collection

      Classy, subtle and minimalistic; Figaro bracelets have been in the market for a long time. Get a touch of elegance on your wrist with a mens Figaro bracelet

      • 10K Figaro Bracelets: 10K gold has 41.7% gold mixed with an alloy made with nickel, silver, copper or iron. It is one of the most popular forms of gold used in making a Figaro chain bracelet.
      • 14K Figaro Bracelet: Durability and affordability meet the class and value of a 14k gold Figaro bracelet on your wrist. They are highly durable and affordable at the same time, making them a loved piece of jewelry. 
      • Yellow Gold Figaro Bracelets: The classy vintage color works great on a range of attires. It is the most prevalent metal used for mens gold figaro bracelet and is easy to maintain.  
      • Yellow White Gold Figaro Bracelets : Trendy designs that set the ball rolling and become the topic of discussion for everyone around you with a distinctive piece of jewelry. Yellow white gold is an alternating design with yellow gold links between white gold links.
      • White Gold Figaro Bracelets : As one of the more modern styles, white gold is a platinum version of gold that doesn’t cost as much. It is more durable than yellow gold because the alloy is made of stronger metals.

      Bracelets at Bayam come with a few unique features and qualities:

      • Pave design helps them shine better and coordinate to bring out the best.
      • Plain bracelets bring out the simple, stylish, and classy shades within you.
      • Hollow bracelets often look cooler but are lighter, making them easy on the wallet.
      • Solid bracelets are the pick of the market because they withstand rough use.
      • A diamond cut gives bracelets the unique sharpness they require to look dazzling.
      • Shiny bracelets make you the talk of the town and elevate your style game to the next level.

      Bayam has everything you need and a little more with their options. 

      With sizes starting from 2mm and 7” going up to 9.5mm and 9” in length, don’t wait to shop for your new Figaro link bracelet. 

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