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Heart Pendants

Gold Heart Pendants

The heart symbol is one of the most popular symbols used in jewelry as it lets us carry love. It is especially a perfect gift for your significant other to show how much you love them.

Our Heart Pendants are available in 10K and 14K yellow or rose gold, and come in a variety of styles ranging from simple, minimal designs to glamorous, diamond designs.

For a minimalistic look, our Nugget Heart Shaped Pendant Charm is a stylish piece that is perfect for everyday style. For a unique look, our Diamond-Cut Heart with Drops Pendant Charm is a classy piece that is guaranteed to elevate your outfit. For a bit more glamour, our Puffed Heart Diamond Pendant is guaranteed to turn heads. We also have Picture Pendants so you can use your loved one’s favorite picture and carry them with style.

Take a look at our Heart Pendants Collection and bring love to your style. If you want a chain for your pendant, explore our Women’s Chains Collection to find the perfect match.