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      Combine Religion and Style with Our Jesus Chain & Pendant Collection

      Once upon a time, it was just another religious piece, but now it is back at the core of all fashion. Stand out with a gold chain with Jesus piece.
      • 10K Jesus pendant chains: 10K gold is made of 41.7% gold, but with its strength, it becomes a perfect option for someone who works hard and toils away at life. The Jesus chain and pendant go along with every style you choose for the day.
      • 14K Jesus pendant chains: Class knows no bounds. With 14K gold, you get a pure and polished version of the Jesus pendant to wear and look unmatchable. Catch the eyes of everyone around with a piece of jewelry that’s truly you.
      • Yellow gold Jesus pendant chains: Yellow gold jesus pendant chains are a vintage class act that has stayed popular through the years. 
      • Yellow white gold Jesus pendant chains: A blend of two worlds, yellow white gold Jesus pendants are multi-dimensional in many ways. Yellow white gold has yellow gold interspersed with white gold in between to make a melody of the two around your neck. 

      Embrace the Best Features with Bayam Jewelry

      The Jesus chain and pendant come with many features that help you stand apart from the crowd: 

      • They are diamond cut for precision and spark that no other cut can give. 

      • The pave design allows you to play around with multiple gemstones around each other.

      • They also come in plain designs; they are simple, elegant, and minimalistic. 

      • 2 tone finishes give it a unique look that grabs everyone’s attention in the first impression itself.

      • Shiny chain and pendant combinations allow you to choose how you want to be.

      With a size range from 1” pendants with 16” chains to 3” pendants with 26” chains, look the way you want to with a piece of jewelry that truly fits you. 

      Don’t limit yourself to just one piece; find multiple designs that speak to you at Bayam Jewelry right away. Bring style and religion together with the best Jesus Chain & Pendant of your choice.