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      Jesus Pendants

      Wear your personality on your sleeve and neck with a necklace that makes you feel like you belong. Match your style with Jesus pendants that look like a perfect blend of style, swagger, and class. Celebs from the Notorious BIG to Kendrick Lamar have all used the holy scapular to set themselves aside from the everyday rapper with a gold Jesus pendant. With double-tone designs available with a combination of yellow and white gold, you can select the design you like with the materials and finally find your signature look.

      The Jesus gold pendant is available in more than the generic design that pops in the head; with options like just the crucifix or the face of Jesus, you can choose from a collection of designs. The thing about this pendant is that it goes well with any outfit. With products like the Jesus redeemer pendant and other pendant styles with just the face and cross, you have many options to choose from and decide the perfect one for you. Express your style and yourself through designs you love, and accessorize with pendants that show who you are. Buy a Jesus pendant from Bayam today and add character to yourself.