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      Gold Picture Medallions

      Picture Medallions offer a special way to keep your family, friends, and loved ones even closer by wearing them as pendants. You can choose to give yourself or your special someone an engraved piece of jewelry and preserve the memories for a long time. Personalized gifting has gained a lot of popularity in recent times. Picture medallions provide a great option for you to express your gratitude and love for your near and dear ones. Wearing your favorite photo as a piece of jewelry is now possible with a wide range of size and shape options. The image is encased in a safety glass bubble that lets you see it from all sides and adds a 3D reflective effect.

      Picture Medallion Pendants To Preserve Memories

      Keeping the memory close to your heart at all times anywhere is possible with a photo medallion pendant. Made from real 10K yellow gold, picture medallions are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. We also offer free picture engraving which takes around 1 week to complete. Take a look at our luxurious collection of picture medallions to find the perfect style that will not only elevate your outfit, but will also allow you to keep those you love close to your heart.