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      Unlock Your Inner Glow with Our Rose Gold Chains

      A rose gold chain on a black tuxedo is one combination you can't go wrong with. Rose gold necklaces are made with a mixture made of yellow gold mixed with copper and silver alloy. 

      • 10K chains: 10K Rose gold is one of the toughest pieces of jewelry made for the adventurer in you. With 41.7% gold content, 10K chains have a mix of copper and zinc, giving it a unique color.  
      • 14K chains: Look classy with a touch of grace with 14K rose gold chains. With 58.3% gold content and a mix with an alloy of copper and zinc, they are one of the best options in the market.
      • Rose gold chains: The tint of pink gives the jewelry a rich dimension and a touch of elegance that takes your formal's game to the next level.
      • Rose white gold chains: Rose white gold chains blend alternating rose gold links and white gold links. The type is one of the most sought-after mens rose gold necklace models.

      Rose Gold Chains for the Rugged and Classy

      The color rose gold chain mens or women's jewelry carry is one of the more subtle and romantic variations of the usual yellow gold chains. 

      There are several features of a rose gold necklace chain: 

      • The diamond cut gives them a unique sparkly look
      • The pave models can embed multiple gems around one another
      • The plain chains are simple and dignified to look at
      • The 2 tone rose gold chain is one of the go-to women's rose gold necklaces due to its duality
      • Hollow chains look tremendous but cost way lesser due to the genius design
      • Solid chains are minimalist and carry an evergreen aura with them 
      • Shiny rose gold chains have a look that establishes a style statement and that they are here to stay.

      Look like you're on a mission with a chain that oozes confidence. It ranges from 2mm to 6mm in width and 16'" to 26" in length. Choose the chain that speaks to you at Bayam Jewelry.