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      Saint Lazarus Medallion

      Saint Lazarus, also known as the patron saint of the sick and poor, holds deep significance in faith. Saint Lazarus teaches us compassion for those in need, and is believed to protect us from illness. This is why Saint Lazarus Pendants are not only great for healing energy, but also for honoring our faith and devotion.

      Our Saint Lazarus Pendants are available in 10K gold and come in a variety of styles ranging from simple, minimal designs to glamorous, diamond or ruby designs.

      So whether you want to feel protected from illness, remember to show kindness, or simply honor your faith, our Saint Lazarus Pendants are perfect for you.

      So take a look at our Saint Lazarus Pendants Collection and carry Saint Lazarus’ healing energy wherever you go. If you want a chain for your pendant, explore our Men’s Chains Collection and Women’s Chains Collection to find the perfect match.