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      Gold Stampato Bracelets

      "Stampato," an Italian word for printed, denotes the jewelry-making process involving a machine press cutting technique in metal pieces to form gold jewelry. The gold metal pieces are later held together by pins to form the length of the jewelry. A Stampato bracelet is light and less costly when compared to standard bracelets.

      Stampato Bracelets in Sleek and Elegant Designs

      Stampato bracelets can be found in 14k and 10K yellow gold sets. They are available in versatile shapes and patterns, such as diamond-cut hearts and kisses, satin wheat railroads, and puffed hearts. Machine press cutting processes ensure more accuracy and precision than traditional hand-crafted jewelry. Hence, they are an excellent option for anyone who is looking to gift someone or wear one for yourself for any occasion.

      Bayam Jewelry collection offers Stampato bracelets sets designed in the same real gold tones and another variety with a mix of yellow gold, white, and rose gold. Stampato bracelet designs are highly intricate and help you make an impression with a rich look. The reversible screw link bracelet is an example of a sleek and classy design that can suit anyone who likes contemporary designs. On the other hand, a diamond-cut heart and kisses bracelet is a perfect Valentine's gift for your loved one.