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      Men's White Gold Pendant

      White gold is an alloy of gold and nickel or zinc, giving it the perfect white finish. It’s a stylish alternative to yellow gold and perfect for those who want to add a timeless piece to their jewelry collection. At Bayam Jewelry, we offer a wide selection of White Gold Pendants that will elevate your style.

      Made with 10K and 14K gold, our White Gold Pendants are available in a variety of shapes and designs, including heart, spade, owl and many more.

      So whether you want to honor your faith with a Cross Pendant, feel protected with a Hamsa Pendant, or show off your style with a Dripping Star Pendant, each unique pendant is guaranteed to do the job. You can also personalize your pendant and carry your loved one’s picture wherever you go with our Round Medallion Picture Frame Memory CZ Charm Pendant.

      So explore our White Gold Pendants Collection and find the perfect pendant to style up your outfit. If you want a chain for your pendant, explore our Men’s Chains Collection and Women’s Chains Collection to find the perfect match.