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      Glam Up with Radiant Women's Jewelry Pieces

      Ornaments that make a fashion statement wherever you go. From the engagement gold ring for women to diamond earrings for women, each addition adds a new dimension to the one wearing it. With the right look, dazzle with the class that becomes graceful as time passes.
      • 10K Women's Jewelry: 10K gold is used to make jewelry that can sustain rough and tough use; it is perfect for the adventurer in you. 
      • 14K Women's Jewelry: 14K jewelry is grand, classy, and vintage. It doesn’t fade away as your love for the ornament only grows with time. A majority of rings for women are made from 14K gold. 
      • Diamond Women's Jewelry: A diamond lasts forever; the bond between diamond jewelry and royal looks was established long ago. But surprise the woman of your dreams with the perfect diamond rings for women Bayam has to offer. 
      • Yellow Gold Women's Jewelry: Grand and vintage looks meet the modern mastery with yellow gold women’s jewelry. This gold necklace for women is made of yellow gold that matches various colors.
      • Yellow White Gold Women's Jewelry: Yellow white gold jewelry is made of yellow gold and white gold, alternating between each other. The dual tone adds a lot of depth and modernism to the piece of jewelry.
      • Rose Gold Women's Jewelry : The pinkish tint and the classy look give rose gold jewelry a distinctive look that steps above the ordinary. Rose gold bracelet for women is one of the best examples of this kind.
      • 2 Tone Women's Jewelry: Mix the best fashions to create a new trend in your environment with 2 tone earrings for women

      Standout With Jewelry That Brings You Confidence

      With diamond cut, get your jewelry with spark and dazzle that takes your breath away.

      • Polished jewelry gives you the shine and shimmer that takes center stage in all discussions. Diamond jewelry, though expensive, catches everyone's attention in seconds. 
      • Pave jewelry brings out the best of the gemstones you have on your piece of jewelry as a combination of all things cool.
      • Plain jewelry retains its position in the fashion industry as the simplest and minimalistic option anyone can opt for. 

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