Men's Rope Chain Necklace Real 10K Yellow Gold - Solid


Here's a meaningful gift for Rope Chain collectors. From our Solid Chain collection, this 10kt Yellow Gold Rope Chain Necklace features a shiny finish.


Product Details:

Metal: Real Solid 10K Gold

1.7mm - 9.80 grams (0.41 grams/per inch)

2.0mm - 13.70 grams (0.57 grams/per inch)

2.7mm - 17.00 grams (0.70 grams/per inch)

3.0mm - 24.00  grams (1.00 grams/per inch)

4.0mm - 37.00 grams (1.52 grams/per inch)

5.0mm - 46.70 grams (1.94 grams/per inch)

Length: All weights are written in 24" version, the weight will change depending on the size you choose.

Bail/Clasp: Lobster Claw Clasp