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What Types of Chains Are There?

Exploring the World of Chains

Chains are an essential part of any style as they immediately elevate any outfit. They can minimalistic and elegant, or bold and statement-making. They can be used by themselves or with pendants, and are available in yellow, white, and rose gold. You can use chains to command attention or simply compliment your outfit. Basically, there is a chain for every outfit and occasion, which is what makes them such an essential piece. But choosing the right chain can be difficult as there are so many different types of chains, so in this blog post, we will talk about some of the most popular types of chains to help you choose.

Cuban Link Chain


The Cuban Link Chain, also known as the curb chain, is a bold design featuring thick interlocking links. It is a strong, durable chain that is known for its masculine look, and is often associated with men’s hip-hop fashion. But we also offer thinner chains for those who are after a more minimalistic yet eye-catching look. The Cuban Link Chain is best worn by itself as this bold chain commands attention, or thinner chains can be worn with pendants.

At Bayam Jewelry, we offer a variety of styles of Cuban Link Chains that are available in thin or thick designs, and solid or hollow designs.

Herringbone Chain


The Herringbone Chain is a classic design that features flat chain links parallel to each other. It is a flexible chain that lies flat and takes the shape of the wearer’s neck. It is the perfect chain to wear on its own for an elegant, refined look.

At Bayam Jewelry, our Herringbone Chains are available in sizes between 3 mm and 18 mm in width, so that your Herringbone Chain looks exactly how you want it.

Valentino Chain


The Valentino Chain is an elegant chain featuring flat interlocking links. But we at Bayam Jewelry offer an even more distinctive design with our Valentino Link Chain in tri-color gold that is guaranteed to add a touch of sophistication to any style.

At Bayam Jewelry, our Valentino Link Chains are available in a variety of styles and in sizes between 1.6 mm and 5.8 mm in width depending on style.

Figaro Chain


The Figaro Chain is a unique design that features flat link alternating with small, round links. It is an elegant, minimalistic chain that can be styled with a pendant or worn by itself. It is also perfect for creating a stacked look by styling it with different chains.

At Bayam Jewelry, our Figaro Chains are available in a variety of styles and in sizes between 1 mm and 8.5 mm in width depending on style.

Rolo Chain


The Rolo Chain is a timeless design that is perhaps what most people think of when they hear the word chain. They are a timeless style that feature same-size round or oval links that are interconnected. It is a minimalistic yet classic piece that is perfect for styling up casual outfits.

At Bayam Jewelry, we offer Rolo Chains featuring round links that are flat on the inside for a minimalistic look, oval links that are round on the inside for a classic look, and quadruple links for a bold look.

Ice Chain


Ice Chain is an elegant, glamorous design that has a contemporary look. It features several small links connected together that mimics a diamonds chain due to the use of white gold, giving it a reflective look. When worn alone, the Ice Chain is guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to any outfit.

At Bayam Jewelry, our Ice Chains are available in a variety of sizes between 2.5 mm and 4.4 mm in width so that you can choose the amount of bling you want to add to your outfit.

Franco Chain


The Franco Chain is a modern design which features V-patterned links interlinked with each other. It is quite similar to Cuban Chains, but Franco Chains are more sturdy and feature extra four side braided links. Whether paired with a pendant or worn alone, the Franco Chain makes a statement and styles up any outfit.

At Bayam Jewelry, we offer solid Franco Chains which feature solid metal throughout its links, and hollow Franco Chains which have a hollow centers.


The Rope Chain is a distinctive, sophisticated design that feature a braided pattern. It is a unique chain that is guaranteed to make a statement and showcase your charisma. The Rope Chain looks best when it is worn by itself due to its distinctive pattern.

At Bayam Jewelry, our Rope Chains are available in sizes between 1.5 mm and 12 mm in width depending on style, so you can choose a thinner chain for a minimalistic look or a thicker chain for a bold look.


These are some of the most popular and unique types of chains. Whether you are looking for a minimalistic or a bold chain, each unique piece is guaranteed to make a statement. But don’t worry if you haven’t found what you are looking for because we offer a variety of other styles at Bayam Jewelry including Gucci Link Chain, Curb Chain, Mariner Chain and many more. So take a look at our Chains Collection and find the perfect chain to showcase your personality and style. If you want to match your chain necklace to a bracelet, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our Bracelets Collection to create the perfect jewelry combination.

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