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About Bayam Jewelry Owner & Journey

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Running a gold jewelry business is not as easy as it seems. People see a lot of profitable income gained by business proprietors but are sometimes unaware of the hardship of building it. Bayam Jewelry is not a venture that was decided to be started overnight. It was the journey of a man who had a burning passion and put in immense hard work to make his decisions come true. This article is about how Bayam Jewelry came into existence and moved towards serving many customers worldwide with its quality gold jewelry pieces.


Bayam Jewelry: Its Birth and The Journey

Bayam Jewelry is the brainchild of the founder, Tom Bayam. Tom had acquired knowledge about gold jewelry as he had worked as an apprentice in various jewelry-related trades, such as diamond sorting, jewelry repairing, gold jewelry designing, and sales. Tom was already aware of the pros and cons of the business since he was a kid. He decided to start this business while he was studying at Baruch College.

Tom later started his venture to manufacture jewelry items so that he could pass them to the customers directly with no intermediary. This way, much money could be saved for the customers and the business. He started Bayam Jewelry, selling 21K, 18K, 14K, and 10K authentic gold jewelry and diamonds. The business and customer base grew to more than 250K customers worldwide and is still growing. There is also a showroom that is currently under construction. Tom, who used to pull off the business activities from his sleeping room, is now looking to expand the showroom to 4600 sq ft on 5th Avenue by 2023.

Bayam's Versatile Gold Jewelry Collection

Online buyers can find almost all types of gold jewelry on Bayam's website. Men, women, and children looking to start their gold jewelry collection or an intrinsic piece to their existing collection can purchase from the site with complete trust. Below are the various types of gold jewelry available at Bayam.


Gold chains are a must-have jewelry accessory, and choosing a chain involves considering many factors like the design type, length, thickness, and how you will style it. While you might find it challenging to choose the right one from different chain types, the final decision of picking the one for you depends on your specific preferences. Consider several factors, like whether you want to pair it with a pendant, how much longer you prefer, or if you want to go for layering to pick the best chain.

A Monaco chain is a variant of the Miami-Cuban chain, as the links of both chains are similar. It forms an excellent gold accessory in the men's jewelry collection. It offers the desired elegant look, perfect finish, and fantastic luster with extra durability compared to other chains. A Monaco chain is an alternative for those looking for a more reasonable option in place of a solid Cuban link chain that might cost you more.

A Cuban chain is the most robust type of all chain topping in thickness, strength, and durability. The links are hollow, with oval-shaped links twisted to form the length of the chain. The flat, interlocking, twisted oval links form the central part of solid and hollow chains.

Rope chains depict spiral-like patterns of a rope formed with twisted gold threads. Franco chains are sturdy chains with gold links braided like a V pattern. Figaro chains and curb chains are almost identical. Figaro chains have a more extended oval-shaped link after every three links.

Other types of chains that are available in Bayam's gold jewelry collection are:

  • Mariner Chains
  • Round Box Chains
  • Rolo Chains
  • Puffed Mariner Chains
  • Rosary Necklaces
  • Herringbone Chains
  • Ice Chains
  • All Rose Gold Chains
  • All White Gold Chains


Pendants are statement accessories that give gold chains or accessories extra value. In certain countries, pendants are considered to be having a spiritual significance. The cross pendant or designs depicting gods are some examples of such pendants. At Bayam, religious pendants are available in all shapes and sizes, such as:

  • Cross Pendants
  • Jesus Pendants
  • Last Supper Pendants
  • Saint Lazarus Pendants
  • Lady Guadalupe Pendants


Wearing a bracelet is considered to be a fashionable accessory by most people. A bracelet can elevate your style with less effort. The design of bracelets is primarily similar to the chains, with the differences only in length. Rope bracelets, Monaco bracelets, and Miami Cuban bracelets are some of the most favored types of bracelets. Other bracelets include puffed mariner bracelets, solid curb bracelets, paved curb bracelets, and so on.


A solid gold ring is not only a status symbol but also has an essential role in events like proposals, engagements, and weddings. Nugget rings, Jesus rings, lion rings, and CZ rings are some of the most popular rings at Bayam. Two-finger and personalized name rings are some of the flagship products of Bayam Jewelry.


Earrings always make you look better and improve your overall appearance. Sought after by men and women today, an earring is always suitable for showcasing the fashion sense. While diamond earrings are ideal for both men and women, hoop earrings are famous among women. Other stud earrings in Bayam's earring collection have diamond-cut pieces in the shape of hearts, nuggets, and so on.

Add A Tinge Of Gleam To Your Styling

Whether dressing up for a special occasion or prepping for an official meeting, Bayam's gold jewelry products are a perfect and luxurious add-on to your styling collection. Designed with real 10K or 14K gold, Bayam's gold pieces will never fail to impress you with their durability and designs. All these versatile designs make it possible for you to wear it with any style you choose, formal or casual. Whether you pair it with a party dress for a date or wear it with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual day outside, you can choose what you feel is best. So why not purchase an elegant chain or bracelet missing from your gold jewelry collection today?

Bayam Jewelry offers a whole range of online gold jewelry collections to make your online gold purchase easy by considering different sizes and patterns that suit you. Take a look at the latest collections under various categories of chains, bracelets, or rings of Bayam Jewelry, and pick out your future design element!

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