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Bayam Legit: Only Sell Real Gold

Gold ornaments never run out of style, and gold fashion trends take a new turn each year. Whether you are a trendsetter keeping up with up-to-date fashion or someone who sticks to conventional styling, you can always count on them. Gold jewelry will never fail to impress you with styling or matching any outfit. Finding the right online or retail shop comes with understanding the seller’s credibility and having a detailed insight into the products they sell. Knowing the seller is the first step towards making a legitimate online gold purchase.

Bayam Jewelry offers different gold jewelry for men, women, and children with different designs and styles. Let’s look at the various pointers that make Bayam Jewelry unique and contribute to making your online jewelry purchase a smooth process.

Free Shipping & Returns (No Question Asked)

The first thing that online gold jewelry buyers probably look for is whether the site provides free shipping and returns. Gold is a highly-valuable investment, and return policies should favor online buyers. You can be sure that while buying gold through Bayam’s online site, rest assured of free shipping and return. The buy-back policy is within 30 days for unworn and unused items, with no questions asked.

Bayam offers free shipping and returns for all U.S. Orders. The product will be shipped out within 24 hours after payment confirmation. Gold purchases above $500 will be shipped with FedEx 2-Day for free, with exceptions on weekends. Gold purchases above $3000 will be shipped with FedEx Overnight.

Bayam offers returns and exchanges for any gold item you purchase online. Although most online dealers provide returns and exchanges, some sellers may not take back gold items of high value. Heavy gold items may have strict terms and conditions to abide by compared to other gold items. Returning an item is easy on Bayam’s dedicated page for returns, as you must enter your order number and shipping zip code to get your returns processed. Once the returned jewelry is received, the refund is processed as soon as possible, generally within 1-2 working days.


250K Customers

Going by the general rule of business, a brand that many people trust will always keep up with your expectations. Having a 250K customer base is an answer for those who are wondering about questions like “Is Bayam Jewelry legit?” The large customer base is self-explanatory for the purity of gold that Bayam offers. The purity of gold provided by Bayam is legit with the hallmark certification.

Bayam Jewelry is an online store that offers the best prices for online gold jewelry if you plan to sell it later for a newer design. Online buyers and gold investors always compare the latest prices of gold to calculate their possibility of selling it a few years later. Customers are also offered an option for a lifetime upgrade by getting the total price credited towards their next purchase if they purchase an upgraded item of double the price.

Bayam Jewelry offers a lifetime warranty period, during which if a defect arises in the product, you can return the product for repair, replace it with a similar product in new, or avail of a refund for the purchase price of the product. The warranty is not applicable for lost or stolen items. General wear, tear or accidental damage are also not covered under warranty.

The Exchange of Sensitive Personal Information is Encrypted with a 256-bit SSL Certificate

Feeling apprehensive about buying gold is normal if you have not purchased it online. While there are many fake sites to mislead you, you can always check some tips to understand whether a site is original or not. An original site will be secured with a 256-bit SSL encryption, a process used to encrypt and decrypt the information transferred between the user’s browser and the website server. The data entered by the user is encrypted with a 256-bit long encryption key which is later decoded at the server end.

Customer safety is paramount to Bayam, and it places personal online security as the top priority. Bayam’s site is encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption to protect it from customer data leaks and forgery. Any sensitive personal information you enter, such as your card details and payment transactions, is fully encrypted to save customers from losing money in wired transactions.

The encryption makes it safe to use a debit or credit card. Card information is protected on Bayam’s website. The card information is not stored on the site for security purposes. The website is also regularly scanned and tested for malware/viruses.

Live Chat, Phone Support, Email Support

Still have questions in your mind like “Is Bayam Jewelry real?” Well, the live chat and phone support provided by Bayam’s staff will answer all your questions in person. Not all online shops have every mode of contacting the company, but Bayam offers live chat, phone support, and email support to all its customers. For those who want to reach out with doubts and concerns about the product, service, or terms and conditions, you can message, call or write an email to the contact details given on the official site. The support staff will be available from morning to night on all working days to address your queries and concerns about online gold purchases through Bayam.

Bayam Jewelry: A Name You Can Trust

Are you thinking about whether buying a gold jewelry item from online stores will cost you more? Bayam Jewelry sells 10K and 14K authentic gold jewelry at prices much below the retail stores. From gold chains and rings to bracelets, Bayam Jewelry has a range of collections of gold pieces made with high-quality materials. Based in New York with a 250K+ customer base, it indisputably makes a fantastic impression on gold buyers worldwide. Bayam Jewelry makes it easy and convenient to own beautiful, and real gold jewelry. Purchase from the most extensive collection of gold and diamond jewelry in the industry and retain your love for it gold!

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