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What Are the Most Popular Chain Designs?

Gold chains can change the entire outlook of a person. Sleek and beautiful gold chains can never fail to impress. Accessories around your neck are an elegant way to flaunt your style and are all the better if it is in gold. While there are chains made of silver, brass, and other metals, gold chains will always have a special place in everyone's heart. The charm of gold jewelry will never die, and people will keep preferring gold as one of their trusted styling options in the years to come.

In the market, many chains are available, like the Curb chain, Figaro chain, Franco chain, and so on, to match every dressing style. So among the many designs, how will you find the significant one that suits your requirements? Types of necklace chains might look like they are hard to choose, but once you know their details, you can make your final choice.

Those who have purchased different chains would know that one cannot explain the royalty of gold chains in words. It is something to be experienced and felt by owning one.

When you decide to purchase, knowing the different styles and patterns that can find a place in almost everyone's jewelry collection is essential. The length and size are always customizable options, but the design types remain standard. Let's take a look at some of the most popular types of chains:

Monaco Miami Cuban Chain


There is only a little effort if you only pick a simple 'type of chain.' Gold chains are elegant even when simple and will be ideal accessories for any event. Types of necklace chains take a different turn when the intrinsic designs vary.

A Monaco chain is one such chain that is a type of Cuban chain chosen mainly by men. Monaco chains are known for their sleek look, excellent finish, incredible luster, and long-lasting. It is a good investment since you pay only half the cost of a solid Cuban link chain without compromising its durability.

On the other hand, a Cuban chain is known for its strength and tensile strength. Among all the curb link chains known to be strong, the Cuban chain link tops it all for its thickness, strength, and durability. The links of a Monaco chain are identical to that of a Cuban chain. Monaco chains are made of hollow but chunky oval-shaped twisted links that complete the length of the chain. The flat, interlocking, twisted oval links are used in solid and hollow chains.

Differences Between a Monaco Chain and a Cuban Chain

When considering the differences between a Monaco chain and a Cuban chain, it is essential first to understand that there is no difference in their inherent designs. Solid Monaco chains offer great strength and durability, while a hollow Monaco chain is a more reasonable option with less gold. The only difference is in the amount of gold used in the two types of gold chains. The Monaco chain took birth out of a Miami-Cuban link chain, making it affordable for many people to purchase the gold chain of their choice.

Though Monaco chains and Miami Cuban chains are types of gold chains that have fewer differences in the designs, the way they are constructed is still distinct. Monaco chains are made up of twisted individual links, while Miami-Cuban link chains are made up of interlocking loop series. The overall size of both chains also varies. Since Monaco chains tend to be hollow, they are much thinner and more tender than the Miami Cuban chain. The Miami-Cuban link chains are made of thicker and stronger links. Monaco chains typically are enclosed with a lobster claw clasp, while Miami Cuban link chains are attached with a push-pull clasp. These differences come for different occasions, as the Miami Cuban chain is strong enough for everyday wear, while Monaco chains can be used for special occasions.

Ice Chain

Ice gold chains have become a status symbol as hip-hop culture adopts it and chooses it eagerly. Iced-out chains are gaining popularity with different iced chains, such as Cuban link Ice chains and Ice rope chains are available these days.

Ice chains became common in hip-hop pop culture with the advent of hip hop "bling bling" trend, and since then, diamond-encrusted jewels have also been incorporated into the ice jewelry. Because of this reason, ice chains are typically expensive and challenging for most people to afford.


Cuban Ice Chain

The Cuban chain is already a preferred gold accessory for hip-hop artists. The Cuban chain, also known as the Miami chain, is thicker and made of staggered twisted links with less space between the links when compared to a whip chain. The Cuban ice chain has a thin straight edge studded with small CZ gemstones, making it more appealing. The Cuban ice chains designed with thorns add spiked elements to depict the free-spirited, rebellious hip-hop style.

Ice Rope Chain

Iced rope chains are thick chains made in rope patterns and used for necklaces or bracelets. They give a rich look when thick ice rope chains are paired with chunky iced-out pendants. An iced rope chain is more lustrous and removes the simple look of a rope chain.

Round Box Chain

Round box chains consist of cubed links connected in a series to make the length of the chain. Such chains are made using a round gold wire flattened and twisted to make box-like shapes.

They are also a solid option for people looking for thick chain options. Consider going for a round box chain with a thickness of at least 1.5mm and above. Round box chains are sturdy enough to pair with a pendant.

Versatile Gold Chain Design at Bayam Jewelry

Gold chains are trendy for modern and traditional styling. People of any age group and gender can go for it to showcase their luxury and class. It helps you to stand apart from the crowd, looking fashionable with less effort.

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