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What's the difference between a 10k and a 14k gold chain?

Gold chains are understated pieces of jewelry that complement a person's overall look when worn correctly. Whether it is a sleek gold chain for your father, or a royal link chain for your younger brother, the selection of a suitable gold chain, along with its purity, depends on several factors. This article will help you identify the key differences between a 14K and 10K gold chain and further enable you to make the right choice of chain for your requirements.

Which is better - 10K or 14K gold chain?

To determine which variant of gold is better, you need to understand the purity of each type and the purpose they serve. Gold’s purity is estimated in ‘karat’ and is generally categorized as 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K and 24K. 24K gold is the purest form of gold available in the market, comprising 100% gold without any mixed alloys. However, pure gold is very soft, making it difficult to design intricate patterns. So, jewelers prefer using 10K to 22K karat gold variants to create delicate jewelry pieces.

Now, to understand the purity of gold, you have to divide the karat figure by 24 and multiply the answer by 100. Thus, the purity of a 10K gold chain is 41.7% while that of a 14K gold chain is 58.3%. The purity of gold further determines the price, durability and other aspects which can help in clearly establishing the difference between a 10K gold chain and a 14K gold chain.


What are the different factors that distinguish a 14K gold chain from a 10K gold chain?

It is time to uncover some differentiating factors between the two variants of gold to learn which one would suit your needs better.

  • Price

A 10K gold chain contains lesser amounts of gold, making it the more affordable variant, while the 14K gold chain has a higher percentage of gold in it, which makes it a more expensive option.

  • Durability

By nature, gold is a soft metal, which makes it less pliable for intricate patterns in jewelry designs. 10K gold has a higher proportion of hard metals which deems a 10K gold chain more durable than a 14K gold chain.

  • Color

The colour of a gold chain can determine its purity. A 10K gold chain looks whiter and has a pale yellow colour as compared to a 14K gold chain which looks more real and attractive with a golden yellow shine.

  • Skin-friendliness

Skin allergies may be caused by nickel, which is present in high concentrations in a 10K gold chain. So, if your skin is sensitive and can develop rashes when in contact with other metals, it is recommended to opt for a 14K gold chain to avoid skin irritation.

So, to answer the question, ‘Which is better: 10K or 14K gold chain?’, you need to prioritize your requirements and the nature of usage. If you are looking to purchase a gold chain for daily use, it is recommended to go for the 10K gold chain which is more durable and affordable. However, if you are someone who has sensitive skin and prefers to wear shinier pieces of jewelry, then the 14K gold chain is the perfect fit for you.

How to clean 10k and 14k gold chains?

Whenever you purchase a new piece of jewelry, you fall in love with its design and dazzle. However, the shine of the jewelry is not permanent and often tends to lose its lustre with time. Here are some easy and effective ways to clean your 10K and 14K men’s gold chains to restore their original appearance.

  • The soap and water technique

The simplest and most effective solution is to clean any gold jewelry with soap and water. Pour some mildly warm water into a bowl, then add some liquid dish soap to it. Thereafter, soak the gold jewelry for 30 minutes in the solution. The warm, soapy water begins to work on the gold, particularly in the crannies and crevices that are challenging to clean. After completing the first step, it needs to be gently cleaned away using a toothbrush with soft bristles. Before wearing it, the jewelry would need to be dried on a clean cloth or towel.

  • Cleaning with Ammonia

Ammonia is one of the most important cleaning agents for gold jewelry. But its caustic effect increases with heavy usage. Avoid using ammonia to clean delicate jewelry since it might corrode solid materials like pearl and platinum. It is recommended to use ammonia only when a deep clean is required once in a while.

  • The baking soda process

Baking soda is a popular and safe ingredient to clean your gold chains. It can be used either with vinegar, dish soap or hot water to remove tarnish and restore the shine of your gold jewelry. The process is similar to that used in the soap and water method where the piece of jewelry is immersed in the baking soda solution before scrubbing it and drying it clean.

  • Professional cleaning methods

It is recommended to go to a local jeweler to get the gold jewelry polished if it is in need of a thorough cleaning. It is better to ask for their assistance because they have specialised equipment and are cautious enough to protect the jewels. To get rid of even the smallest dirt particles, they use chemical cleaning solutions and ultrasonic sound waves, which restores it to its former form after being magnificently cleaned.

Do sunscreen and pool water damage a 10K or 14K gold chain?

Jewelry composed of 10K or 14K gold contains copper and zinc as part of its chemical makeup. Large amounts of chlorine are used to clean many swimming pools. Repeated exposure to chlorinated water can break down the gold alloy, seriously harming the jewelry. Furthermore, sunscreen and lotions include hazardous substances that, like chlorine, can ruin your priceless 14K or 10K gold chains permanently. These grooming supplies could react severely on your skin when combined with the pool's chemicals. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid wearing gold jewelry while entering the pool or applying sunscreen or equivalent products.

Where to buy 10K or 14K men’s gold chains?

Having established the distinction between a 10K gold chain and a 14K gold chain, the next step is to make a purchase based on your requirements. Head over to Bayam Jewelry’s online store to view a variety of chains in 10K and 14K gold with latest designs and the highest quality. Explore free shipping, 30-day free return options and other interesting offers on our website.

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