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      Gold Chains for Women: Adorn yourself with our glittering women's collection

      Your necklace game just got a little classier. Women's gold necklaces are a part of the heirloom because they are carefully crafted and preserved to the point where they become an extension of their personality. 

      • 10K Women's Chains: 10K gold is one of the most popular materials for making chains. They are robust and can withstand rough use without breakages and problems.

      • Yellow Gold Women's Chains: Yellow gold is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says gold. Yellow gold chain for women remains classy and elegant and carries a charm unparalleled to the latest trends. 

      • Yellow White Gold Women's Chains: Yellow white gold chains alternate between the youth and the grand and get you the best of both tones; they are classic with a touch of vitality. 

      • Rose Gold Women's Chains: Rose gold carries a pinkish tint that gives it a romantic feel and a modern look that sets you apart from the crowd. 

      There are many ways to stand out from the crowd, but nothing is as magnificent as the perfect chain that fits you the way you want. With several features that the ideal chains for women have at Bayam:

      • A diamond cut women's chain is brighter and has grooves that sparkle a little and dazzle a lot.

      • Pave design has different gemstones placed close together to form a beautiful pattern that compliments one another to bring out the best.

      • Plain designs stood the test of time and stayed relevant by reinventing designs that exude class.

      • 2 tone chains have the youth of today matching the class of yesteryears with each piece of jewelry. Hollow chains have an intricate design but cost less because they are lighter.

      • Solid chains are simple, minimalistic, and classy to look at. Shiny chains love to bring out the best of your confidence to the forefront. 

      From 1mm to 18mm in thickness and 16" to 26" in length, get the kind of jewelry that showcases who you are at Bayam. 

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