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Dollars & Chains: 5 Rapper Who Loves Gold Jewelry

Rappers frequently compete to own the most significant and most admirable jewelry, following a long-standing history of gold lovers in hip-hop. Over the years, these rivalries have produced some unique yet ridiculous pieces of jewelry that occasionally even eclipse the music itself. They keep their jewelry collection updated to stay ahead in the fashion industry.

Rappers' jewelry is significantly loved by most of their fans, making them a mark of their identity. It encourages fans to follow the same fashion by purchasing the same model as their role model rappers. What follows is a collection of the hip-hop community's most extravagant gold chains, rings and bracelets, ranging from outrageously expensive to absurd. Let's look at some famous rappers who love gold jewelry and have owned them as a star should.

Rappers Who Love Gold Jewelry

Rappers have a long history of caring deeply about the jewelry they wear, and the 1970s hip-hop scene is when this culture of displaying one's wealth through jewelry first emerged. Rappers, in particular, have always been known for wearing flashy bling. Chains that are blinged up or iced out, shiny pendants, and large rings have attained a new status symbol for rappers and their artistic ability. The present hip-hop scene, where rappers are regarded as both artists and trendsetters, has partly been shaped by this similar culture.

Rappers had to flash their jewelry as a declaration of their success because hip-hop wasn't as popular previously as it is now. Rappers constantly compete with one another to don the most recognizable pieces, and they do so by wearing the most fashionable and priciest jewelry. As hip-hop became one of the most popular musical genres, you might also have noticed an increase in the number of rappers who collected jewelry. Let's examine the iconic jewelry worn by five well-known rappers, how much they cost and what makes them extra special that makes their fans admire them in awe.

Jay Z's Gold Chain

Estimated cost: $200,000

Unbelievably, Jay Z's statement Cuban link chain, which he first wore in 2013 during the 20th-anniversary event, was a hit. This unique hefty gold necklace, which weighs 11 pounds and is composed of solid gold, was ordered by the rapper instead of choosing an encrusted pendant, earning it a top spot among his fans and well-wishers. As it replaces the diamond-heavy aesthetic with real solid gold, this necklace showcases high value in minimalist design.

T-Pain’s Big Ass Chain

Estimated cost: $410,000

T-Pain, a rapper, songwriter, and record producer, also has crazy chains. His iconic "Heavy Ass Chain" is a substantial, ten-pound big chain. The pricey chain is made entirely of white and yellow gold and features 200 carats of diamonds.

T-Big Pain's Ass Chain is more expensive than a little ass chain or a standard-sized chain and, weighs more than 10 lbs, is covered in roughly 200 carats of diamonds. His chain was so famous that it prompted one of his fans to purchase it. There is still something astounding about the sheer boldness of spending that much money on something so illogical for a $400k purchase. "Big Ass Chain" is still among the most costly works an artist has to date, despite T-Pain acknowledging in an interview that it was an absurd purchase made based on a dare.

Kanye West’s Horus Chain

Estimated cost: $300,000

Kanye West is undoubtedly one of the A-listers in the hip-hop business. He is adored by the crowd and esteemed by his peers as an artist. Many might recall Kanye West wearing a massive medallion in the "Power" music video. It's very audacious of Kanye to equate himself to an actual deity, and yes, that price tag is almost as weighty as the chain itself, but it also gives off an otherworldly aura that suits the song well. Given the creative music that Kanye has subjected us to over the past few years, it is also appropriate that this chain pays respect to a god-like avian, Horus.

Kanye wears enormous chains and ornaments in addition to his sold-out shows and platinum records. His Horus chain, made of 24k yellow and pure gold, is worth about $300,000. Similarly to that, he also owns a magnificent $200,000 Jesus pendant. Bayam jewelry has a whole collection of religious pendants in real gold, including Jesus and other pendants like the last supper and cross. 

Rick Ross's Own Face Featuring Pendant

Estimated cost: $1.5 Million 

Rick Ross is an American rapper with a huge fan base and followership. Rappers adore stacks and stacks of pricey, heavy jewelry more than anything. They all wear gold chains with large pendants, despite having their personal preferences and sense of style.

Massive and chunky gold jewelry has always been their top priority, which can be supported by Rick Ross' enormous gold and diamond pendant featuring his face wearing a pair of sunglasses! This face featuring pendant has been the most talked about thing in the rapper world for its uniqueness and out-of-the-world idea. 

Lil Jon's “Crunk Ain't Dead” Chain

Estimated cost: $500,000

The “Crunk Ain't Dead Chain” was formerly recognized as the most costly rapper chain by the Guinness Book of World Records. Lil Jon, a famous rapper, ordered the 7.5-inch chain weighing more than 5.1 pounds! The chain features almost 3,700 white diamonds (round-cut) and yellow diamonds, totaling 73 carats. The necklace itself was made from 18-karat yellow and white gold. The rapper spent a total of $500,000 on the item.

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